Initial Coaching Session with Sasha




The first 50-minute to an hour session is offered at a low rate as a chance for us to get to know each other. I’ll ask you some questions to better understand your situation and what you want to work toward in coaching. I will give you my intuitive and strategic take on your path forward. I’ll also explain my process. You will leave this session with clarity about your goals going forward of what you want to achieve or explore through our coaching–and we will decide if we want to work together ongoing based on the experience of the session.

Just so you have all the info you need now too to evaluate if this is the right fit for you, the ongoing fee for working with me is $275 to $350USD per month. This is sliding-scale and offered to accommodate people working in different kinds of professions. Some of my clients are writers. Some work on Wall Street or run successful businesses. I value all these types of occupations and life paths, so I offer this sliding scale. I ask you to tell me where you are in that scale, knowing you are getting a master coach who is really good at what she does at a very accessible rate. You’re getting all my experience as a life coach, author of Quirkyalone and To-Do List (and the forthcoming Wet), all my experience in tango, business and Silicon Valley as an entrepreneur and consultant, extensive training in sexuality, nonviolent communication, trauma healing, and more. We are able to talk about a wide range of topics which makes my coaching uniquely effective–because you can bring a mix of things to our sessions, whatever is most important for you.
Typically we talk twice a month in 50-minute to an hour sessions, and we will create personalized “playwork” for you to do between the sessions to get you moving toward the objectives we establish together. You can email me for support on your playwork, and there is some emailing between sessions to keep you accountable and on track.
The cost covers the time in session and outside of the session. Typically people work with me at least three months to see some change. Otherwise we work together for as long as it feels productive. Generally we have some fun and laughs too along the way. Growth can be painful at times, but not all the time!
I look forward to getting to know you.