My books and coaching methodologies have been featured in more than 100+ media outlets around the world, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, USA Today and on NPR.

Here are a few videos from CNN with Anderson Cooper, Dr. Phil, MSNBC, and the top news program in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 


BBC World Service’s “Why Factor”: Why do we make lists?

​Cosmopolitan: Why I married myself

Diario Critica de Argentina: “Solo y Sin Apuros” (Buenos Aires quirkyalones, the title means “single and not in a hurry”) (Germany): “Aufhören zu suchen und anfangen zu finden” (Stop looking and start to find)

Irish Times: How to find your inner goddess (on the lost art of sensuality, this piece is connected to my Tango Adventure work and my upcoming memoir)

London Guardian: Are you a single or a quirkyalone?

The London Independent: Note to self: The therapeutic effects of reading other people’s to-do lists

New York Times: The Quirky Habits of Solo Dwellers

New York Times: What makes a successful business aimed at singles

New York Times: Women across the world are getting married–to themselves

NPR: Quirkyalone Day 2013 interview  (A commenter called this show insightful and therapeutic and I agree.)

NPR’s Talk of the Nation: What Does Your To-Do List Say About You?

NPR’s All Things Considered: Talking about New Year’s resolutions and to-do lists

Real Simple: To Do: Fall in Love

USA TODAY: interview when Quirkyalone had just come out

Wall Street Journal: “Conquering the To-Do List”

Vice: Is Getting Married to Yourself the Next Hot Self-Esteem Trend?

Vice: Women Who Married Themselves Talk About How It Feels

Vogue: Why Women Are Choosing to Marry Themselves

In Spanish …for LV 18, San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina: Casarse con uno mismo

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