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The New Story

A reminder that life is meant to be lived on our own terms. Fellow Rhode Islander and former political insider Dave Ursillo for his podcast the New Story. In this provocative conversation, we dug deep into personal stories I haven’t shared in other interviews.

  • Why I left a successful career in Silicon Valley to reconnect with my body in South America (the story that will be told in WET)
  • Learning how to ask for what you want is about learning how to generate magic in the world
  • Becoming your own best friend, and how this is a universal journey for all of us.

Virgin.Beauty.Bitch (VBB)

Christopher and Heather of Virgin.Beauty.Bitch are all about unpacking female stereotypes and creating a space where women are not afraid to be defiantly different. In other words, the hosts of this podcast are right on. This might be the most fun interview I have recorded, ever.

We talk about:

  • The fear that our lives are not working because we haven’t achieved some arbitrary line of success and all the gears get tripped up. We need WD-40! We need to be lubricated! We need to get WET. (And why WET is the title of my next book in progress.)
  • Why a big part of my message is about inspiring women to connect with their bodies and pleasure for their empowerment, and confidence, and to accompany their healing journeys from past trauma
  • What turned-on living means to me (not just sexually)

Spinsterhood Reimagined

Lucy Meggeson’s mission is to help other women who happen to be single and childfree know their own value, and that their lives are just as meaningful as anyone else’s. Knowing that working with single women has been a focus of my coaching practice, she asked me all kinds of juicy questions. Because she made me feel so comfortable, I told her the truth, the whole truth!

We talk about:

  • The best part of being single, even when it’s not your first choice
  • How I finally found peace in not becoming a mother, and appreciate my life on its own terms, after years of struggle with that topic
  • My own relationship history: quirkyalone and quirkytogether.
  • How I help women clients get clear about what they really want in relationships and life, and live fully.
  • How I draw on tango and physical mindfulness practices like pussywalking to help my clients step into their power at work and in relationships


I so enjoyed talking with Dr. Peter McGraw, a behavioral economist at the University of Colorado who is investigating solitude and how to create a remarkable single life, now or forever.

I have done many fantastic podcasts about quirkyalone with women. This was the first time I talked with a man!

Peter and I chatted about:

  • the problem of “internalized inferiority,” of seeing single periods as lesser than our coupled periods and the tragedy of waiting to be coupled up to do the things you most want to do in life (I share about how I’ve struggled with this too).
  • why I prefer to talk about self-acceptance and wholeness rather than being a “happy single.” Being happy all the time is just way too much pressure! Going for what we want may involve discomfort and struggle.
  • The choice of the word quirky, why?

Maybe Someday

Do you want to have children? Are you thinking about having kids? These questions can take on a life of their own in our thirties.

This topic of motherhood ambivalence is close to my heart because I spent so many years in deep consideration about whether I wanted to be a mother enough to make it happen. This topic comes up for some of my clients too.

That’s why I was delighted to be invited as a guest on Sarah Dobson’s podcast Maybe Someday. Maybe Someday is about ambivalence: specifically ambivalence about the question of motherhood. We have few spaces in our culture to delve into the murky mix of feelings that many of us feel about being parents.  I love that Sarah has created this space and invited me to be part of it with her.

Good Sex/Bad Sex

PUSSYWALKING? What is that?

I break the sexual-energy mindfulness practice that I invented to help women step into their power–and teach to my students and clients–down for Miranda and Bibi of the British podcast Good Sex/Bad Sex. Lots of laughs on this one.

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