Creating Space for Your Next Steps… A December Workshop

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Are you burned out, or feeling stagnant at work?

Do you long for something different for your work life? Do you want to have a more heartfelt engagement with your work?

As I talk with my clients over the last two years, I notice that more and more of us are re-examining our choices after a multi-year pandemic.

But when you don’t know what you want to do next, and every day is a fire drill, it’s easy to get stuck … for months, or even years. 

If this sounds like you, I would like to invite you to our 4-Hour Soulful Work Reboot workshop this December.

My friend and fellow coach Jade Strattner and I are bringing together a group of women with the shared goal of imagining next steps and new possibilities for 2023.

This workshop is for women who have traditionally been high-achievers, conscientious types who work hard to do and be their best–and are longing for fulfillment and balance in their work lives.

This will be an intimate space to get real, be open, share, and envision together.

We don’t imagine you will figure EVERYTHING out in four hours but you will get unstuck and invigorated on a path to follow in the coming year.

The Four-Hour Soulful Work Reboot will take place over two Saturdays, December 3 and 10, 12-2 pm.

We have separated the workshop into two (2) two-hour chunks because we have so much to share with you, and four hours on zoom is deadening!

The pause in between our sessions will give you time to reflect and ideate.

Expect to come away invigorated and inspired with concrete next steps you can follow up on in 2023.

What will we talk about?

  • Our current experience with work
  • How and why are we each redefining ambition
  • What a heartfelt connection with work feels like for each of us

What will the experience be like?

  • Embodied–Getting out of our heads and into our bodies
  • Joyful–Express, learn, dance, and laugh
  • Intimate and Supportive–Each workshop will be limited to 20 women, integrated with a pre- or post-Lab thirty-minute one-on-one mini coaching session to help you get the most value out of the group session.

Spaces are limited (20 women max) so don’t delay to sign up.

If you are interested, and unsure if this is right for you, send me an email about your personal situation.

I’ll read it over and let you know if this is a match for you.

Look forward to hearing from you!


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