rsz_andreas_june_2013(1) This week I’m sharing case studies from participants in GetQuirky. In my interviews, I’m asking, What becomes possible when a person decides to embrace his or her quirkiness?

Today Andreas Mueller, 44, who does customer tech support in Germany, shares how my online GetQuirky class changed his everyday life.

The next GetQuirky class starts Monday, January 13. To find out what happens when you embrace your inner quirk, join us in the next class!

Here’s Andreas’ story, in his own words:

“I have been quirky (and quirkyalone) for the most of my life without noticing. Most of my quirks just seemed to be natural to me. Once in a while, especially when talking about things I do in my spare time, it became clear that my hobbies are anything but common. Spending all night looking at stars and planets? Radio amateurs (aka ham radio)–what is that, and after all, why don’t you use a phone?

I became aware of being quirky after I had been literally kicked out of a long-term relationship. I realized that I had given up so much up of my quirkyself in order to maintain the relationship and please my partner. Apart from the necessary period of grief, I was struggling to revert to the fulfilling lifestyle I have had before, doing things I liked to do.

Eventually I got hold of Quirkyalone, which I found in the Love and Relationship department of my favorite bookstore. Reading it I became aware that I used to be quirkyalone without knowing it, that this was actually something special but also something I share with many other people, and I instantly knew I wanted it back.

At this point I got the notification about the GetQuirky course. The timing could really not have been better, with my self-confidence back in the sky I was eager to re-discover my own quirkiness, bring it to my life as part that feels as natural as it used to be, and let it guide me through every day.

What changed for me as a result of taking GetQuirky
I have become more aware about my own quirks and also now looking for the same in others. That definitely has changed the way I see people, mainly co-workers and friends, but of course clerks at the local supermarket. I am always looking for quirky details, and, in my opinion, this makes me a better person and friend, as today we are often tempted to judge a person by first impression.

The Quirky Safaris we did on the first weekend of GetQuirky really helped me shine up. I have done this for a long time, taking pictures of quirky things with my mobile phone. The excitement kicked in once I discovered my first quirky object. The tour became a treasure hunt in a place that seemed to be rather normal first. Basically every day becomes a safari now.
Every picture becomes a celebration of its own, I guess it is my own quirkyness I celebrate here. 🙂

A new vision of what’s possible in relationships
Most important, until taking GetQuirky and Quirkytogether 101, I had basically given up thinking about relationships, not because I never wanted to be in one again, but to be able to recover from the last one properly without pressure to rush into a partnership again as soon as possible. I really liked the support that I got from others in the class when thinking about a new relationship. Now with the vision(s) that came out of the class, I know that I am ready for something new–this time on my own terms.

Support from others in GetQuirky
For me, one of the best parts of the GetQuirky class is the people. Working together with people who are eager to embrace or define their quirkiness has been a great experience and enrichment of my life, especially the variety of characters.

The usual prejudice against us is that we are eccentrics and loners, freaks and hippies. We are all regular people, with the regular problems every modern human being has to deal with.

What sets us apart though is our quirky attitude not to always follow the beaten paths. A bunch of such people sharing a time together, it’s like an elementary school class hanging out at Chuck E. Cheese’s;-).”


The next session of GetQuirky is a special New Year’s Edition and it kicks off January 13.

This is not your typical personal growth course. I created GetQuirky because I believe in the power of quirky as a joyful way to increase our self-acceptance. I’ve walked the quirky path most of my adult life. In GetQuirky I pull together the lessons I have learned along my own journey. This time the class will help you to define how you want to bring your quirkyness out in 2014 and make this year count for you!

This course will help you with the courage to stand in your quirkiness and give you tools and ideas that you can use for a lifetime.

This will be a playful journey of self-discovery connecting with kindred spirits. Join us!

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