Quirkyalone + Free

Open your heart to yourself

Quirkyalone + Free is an online course experience to set you free

Free of what, you ask?

  • Free of negative self-talk and self-blame about being single
  • Free of that horrible life-draining question, “Is there something wrong with me?”
  • Free of romantic obsessions and co-dependent past relationships
  • Free to go out and do what you really want to do, whether you have a partner or not
  • Free to say what you really want, even if that means, I want to be married, or I don’t want to have kids
  • Free to accept yourself as you are and love the moment you are in, the skin you are in, right now, quirkysensual-style
  • Free to leave a bad or so-so relationship because you know you can be OK on your own

Quirkyalone is a word I coined back in 2000–that I later wrote about in my debut book in 2004 of the same name. A quirkyalone is a person who wants to be in a relationship and also doesn’t want to settle. Quirkyalones can also be comfortable on their own, so they may spend longer single than others. Being quirkyalone doesn’t have to mean that you prefer being single. It simply means you don’t want to settle. You don’t adhere to societal norms that say you have to be in a couple to be complete. 

Being quirkyalone or quirkytogether is not so easy in this world because there’s so much stigma around being single. And by nature, being quirkyalone might mean long period of singlehood when that wouldn’t be your first choice. We quirky types have legitimate desires and needs for human connection and love even if we also enjoy solitude or haven’t found the right next partner yet. 

That’s why I developed Quirkyalone and Free. The Free part doesn’t refer to being single. The Free part refers to freeing your heart–to love yourself. First.

Who this is for...

Quirkyalone + Free is an online course I have designed for single women and men who identify with my quirkyalone concept and have gotten benefit from it but could use a reset. Because let’s be clear: When you are different or walking a different path in life you need some reinforcements to feel good and know you are not alone.

This course can also be for quirkytogethers (QAs in relationships) who want to refresh on their quirkyalone souls (you’re feeling lost in current or past relationship).

This is for you if:

  • you have been single for a long time and it’s getting to you…
  • You’re feeling like the only single one in your friend group and it’s getting you down
  • You identify with my quirkyalone concept of not settling in love and life, and you know that brings challenges
  • You could use some strategies for self-compassion, some connection with someone who gets it, and a path to refresh yourself and your spark
  • You have some degree of single shame and want to cleanse the shame so you feel more comfortable in your own skin and you’re better able to connect with new people
  • You have some codependent tendencies to work on or you want to raise your standards
  • You’re plagued by that voice, “Is there something wrong with me because I’m still single?”

What this class will teach you

No one has a perfect life. However when you get better at being a quirkyalone you do get better at certain things:

  • Being comfortable in your aloneness and in a couple
  • Spotting red flags and not getting ensnared because your standards are higher
  • Cultivating friendships
  • Living your life fully, without shying away from opportunities just because you don’t have a partner
  • Connecting to yourself and your desires for life
  • Making up your own expectations and patterns single or in relationship!
  • Becoming free of the negative voices in your head that drag you down that tell you there is something wrong with you for being single. When you work through those voices you will have so much more energy for life
  • Attract other quirkyalones for friendship and relationships
  • Unleash and embrace your inner uniqueness–and see who that attracts

This class will teach you my strategies for getting there that I have used myself and with hundreds of my quirkyalone coaching clients over the years. 


I'll teach you everything I know about thriving as a QA

My book Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics got attention everywhere from CNN and the New York Times to Italian Vogue back in 2004, putting me on the map as an interpreter and guide for our new modern age of dating, relating, and singlehood. Sine then I have taught and coached and taught hundreds of women and men who identify with my quirkyalone concept to let go of their shame and live their best lives, single and partnered (quirkytogether).

In this course you get the real deal of what I know to be true from my own life and my experiences helping thousands of people through my writing, workshops and one-on-one coaching so you can free your own quirkyalone heart to love yourself and the ones you choose to let into your life.

Quirkyalone and Free will be launched in 2020.

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