Discover yourself & tango: A 7-day life-changing tango vacation with Sasha and like-minded women in Buenos Aires!

Meet me in Buenos Aires for a life-changing adventure that will teach you tango–and how to use the metaphor of tango to live your life with pleasure + confidence.

That's me, welcoming you to Buenos AIres!

That’s me, welcoming you to Buenos AIres!

Want to go on an adventure?

My name is Sasha Cagen. I’m the author of the cult hit Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics, a life coach for women who want to live turned-on lives, and a tango teacher. I fell in love with tango in 2010 when I was traveling solo in South America and I now live in Buenos Aires, the Paris of the South.

Since 2014, I’ve been teaching women the magic of tango in Buenos Aires.

I’ve lived for almost three years in Buenos Aires. I created this adventure to show you my Buenos Aires: the intoxicating places, people, dance, and music.

Our 7-Day Tango Adventure will teach you tango, and what the metaphor of tango can teach you about yourself, relationships, and sensuality.

You will get an insider’s view of the magic of tango in Buenos Aires.

We’re not just sending you to private lessons, we are immersing you into the authentic tango lifestyle, helping you to discover the heart, soul, and passion of tango and how you can apply tango lessons to your life: in dating and relationships, your relationship with yourself, and even your career.

You’ll also discover Buenos Aires, a pulsing city of stylish people and extravagant architecture, wide boulevards and leafy parks, gastronomic delights, and of course, tango in the streets.

We give you lots of time for your own personal wandering and exploration. . . along with the perfect amount of activities to bond us in this exploration of tango and tango’s lessons for life and relationships.

You’ll get to work with me and a team of amazing teachers from Buenos Aires, as we teach you how to create a passionate, turned-on life and better relationships. . . through tango

You’ll learn to dance with your body and your heart, even if you have never danced tango or any partner dance before.

Through this experiential course adventure, you will:

  • Become more confident in tangible, life-changing ways you can draw on back home
  • Get out of your head + into your body
  • Reconnect with pleasure + have a first tangasm 😉
  • Get in touch with your voice while you connect with a partner
  • Learn to let go as a follower or take charge as a leader
  • Have a ton of fun while discovering Buenos Aires’ authentic tango culture with a group of fabulous women and your transformative tango guide Sasha Cagen + team

Our upcoming Tango Adventures in Buenos Aires are March 4-11 and April 15-22, 2017.

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You are at a plateau right now and want something to challenge you, a new adventure to take you outside of your comfort zone.

Tango on Buenos Aires is on your bucket list, but you’re not sure about doing this on your own.

You love the idea of exploring tango at the source–something spiritual and sexy at the same time.

…you want an adventure that is safe, but also thrilling
…you want to become more confident
…you want to learn to let go, to trust, to trust yourself
…you want to more pleasure in your life
…you are ready to meet like-minded women of all ages who also want to say yes to life!

SO . . .surrender to the bliss of TANGO!

It’s time to break out and find your “tangasm” in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dancing in the streets of San Telmo. Could this be you?

Dancing in the streets of San Telmo. Could this be you?

Here’s what you’ll achieve during this 7-day retreat:

Couples of all ages in tango bliss at Gricel milonga

Couples of all ages in tango bliss at Gricel milonga

– Learn tango as it’s danced in Buenos Aires (and feel the healing power of a true tango embrace—the tango hug is a true cure for the modern problem of touch starvation).
– Learn what tango has to teach you for your relationships, sensuality, and life.
– Learn how to walk like a goddess, and transform your posture as a proud, naturally sexy woman
– Be part of a psicotango workshop, a whole-body experience to connect to one’s self emotionally and another through dance
– Experience your first “tangasm”
– Design your own tango shoes
– Open yourself to more connection
– Make new friends with adventurous women who are also saying yes to life
– Relax, drink wine, do yoga, and take our own individual alone time to wander
– Get to know the culture, people, and music of Buenos Aires with like-minded fabulous people in a non-touristy way…how could this not be good for the soul?

Watch this invitation

You can also listen to this live story about Sasha’s first tangasm–and imagine your own!

Ready for a Tango Adventure?

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Where you’ll stay

The lovely boutique hotel where you'll stay with fellow adventurers

The lovely boutique hotel where you’ll stay with fellow adventurers

Our group stays at the lovely boho-chic boutique hotel Hotel Costa Rica, in Palermo Soho, on tree-lined streets near many wonderful cafes, restaurants, and of course, tango spots. Palermo Soho is one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, full of delights to discover.

We let you book the hotel separately so you can choose the kind of room you want. You can choose whether to stay in a larger room with private bathroom or a smaller room with shared bathroom, depending on your budget. We make it easy by giving you the recommendation. This way, everyone stays together and you can share cabs, talk late into the night and share breakfast.

There are plenty of great restaurants and cafes nearby, including options for the vegetarians and gluten-free folks. We give you a list of local fave restaurants to try in your free time.

Note: If you are celiac, we give you a special guide for eating gluten-free in Buenos Aires. Sasha is celiac and knows how helpful it is to get some help to eat safely. All our group meals have gluten-free options.

What past adventurers say

“I would do the Tango Bliss Adventure again in a heartbeat! It was the perfect balance between activities and time to explore alone. I enjoyed the dinners, lectures, evenings. and meeting Sasha’s friends. The true joy I saw in Buenos Aires was from people living very large lives. I appreciated the level of intimacy required from tango, the balance between owning yourself and yielding to your partner. I realized there are vital people dancing and living, no matter their age, and I look forward to getting involved back at home.“-Claudia Fiaschetti, San Francisco
I started at zero and now I can get out there on the dance floor and people are saying it looks like tango! I’ve had an amazing time and if you are thinking about coming definitely you should. The music is so passionate, and soulful, it’s undescribable seeing the live tango bands. Sasha has been very impressive on exploration of your own self and journey, how can use the experiences here to gain insights back in the real world. It’s been very insightful. The theme is to let go and learn and take it all in.”-Denise Breheny, Los Angeles
“The trip to Buenos Aires was lovely, and in many ways, the perfect tango adventure. The itinerary created by Sasha is carefully planned, and considerate of a traveler’s need for some down time. She makes it exciting and she is there with you every step of the way. Her assistant Colleen was a dear and a treat herself, as was the rest of the cast of characters involved. Alejandro’s lessons had a huge impact on me and have stayed with me. I cannot tell you how much the little things I learned during the trip have impacted my everyday life.“-Sonya Gueretta, San Francisco
“Every day was a new opportunity for discovery during this week in Buenos Aires. I felt so supported by Sasha and a group of the most fun-loving, multi-faceted people, who were brought together by our love for Tango and a commitment to personal growth. The dance of tango is a wonderful metaphor for the way we navigate our life – there are many lessons to be learned from this retreat: about how we present ourselves to the world, how we connect with others, and our relationships with our own pleasure. Buenos Aires is full of passion and creativity and couldn’t be a better backdrop for an experience like this.”
-Laura Cuda, San Francisco, CA
“Being in a different place really has a huge power with Sasha’s guidance. After the psicotango workshop my body felt totally alive. Discovering tango has given me a new outlet that supports my need for touch–whether in a relationship or not. I’m much stronger in my values. I ask for what I want and I don’t settle anymore. Tango has given me so many things in life–and I Have Sasha to thank! That sense of myself, my power, my sensuality, and a greater feeling of owning my space in this big old world.”-Carissa, Tampa, FL
“I had a wonderful time: the tango lessons with Alejandro and the group circles and other meaningful conversations with individuals who were part of the experience. I appreciated the sincerity and openness of our conversations. I met a lot of fantastic, beautiful, amazing women who were quirkyalones (or quirkytogethers). I realized how even if we all identify as quirkyalone that definition can mean different things to each of us. In other words, I learned that I am not at all alone in how I’m approaching life and relationships but everyone is wonderfully different. I walked away from the entire experience feeling like a fabulous and interesting person!”-Amanda, Portland, Oregon
“Every day has been a great mix of dancing and connection. I learned a lot about being a good follower on the dance floor. I learned about relaxing, relaxing my body, relaxing my thoughts, just being able to go with the flow of what’s happening. If you want to have a full-body-mind-and-soul experience that fills your five senses and even your sixth sense because you have to sense things happening around you come on this tango adventure.”
-Megan, 36, drama teacher, New York City
The Tango Bliss Adventure has transformed my way of being in the world because I am aware of whether or not I am casting my mirada (a posture and a look that invites interaction). Sasha is a great facilitator not only because she knows tango, but because she emphasizes honoring the self in this work.”-Kelly Flynn, New Hampshire
“I really loved each one of the activities involved in the week: the dancing in the different milongas, the lessons with Alejandro, the yoga, the massage, the tango shoe shopping. I also really loved Buenos Aires, must find a way go back for a longer period.
It was great to discuss relationship subjects with Sasha and to share insights. While over the years I have reflected a lot about my experiences both in relationships and being single, Sasha works on those subjects as her life’s work. So discussing with her brought new insights and was very enriching.”-Linda Ehrichs, Ottawa, Canada
I loved the quirky connecting circles and our meals together, especially our welcome and goodbye dinners!
I really enjoyed our group, and loved getting to know everyone in a personal and intimate way.”-Lisa Tatoesian, Bay Area, California
Sasha helped us to get into the Buenos Aires tango world very quickly. It was a wonderful week with lots of interesting new experiences, and with an amazing tango teacher, Alejandro!”
-Steffi Meier, Hannover, Germany

Watch these stories from women who have joined us in Buenos Aires

The Tango Adventure Team

Sasha Cagen, Quirkyalone author + your transformative guide
I’m the author of Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics, a book that inspired a global movement of women and men who prefer to be single rather than settle. I’m also a women’s empowerment coach working with my clients via Skype from Buenos Aires, focused on career, life transition, life after divorce, and dating/relationships. I’m passionate American tanguera (tango dancer). I actually discovered tango in Colombia during a yearlong solo wander through South America after I left Silicon Valley burned out by my technology job in 2010. Tango taught me so many powerful lessons about living as a proud woman on the dance floor and in life. I since moved to Buenos Aires, where I’m now working on a memoir called Wet. I created this 7-Day Tango Adventure to combine my tango and personal growth teachings–so you can have the same life-changing lessons in 7 days that I got in 6 years.
Alejandro Raul Puerta, tango teacher
I am a molecular biologist who gave up a science career in Japan to return home and teach tango, my passion. I will help you learn to connect with yourself, with the music, with your partner, and with the couples around you, while at the same time asserting your own personality in the dance. Whether you’re a beginner or an accomplished dancer, there is always more to discover in tango. And in yourself, through tango.
Colleen Fitzgerald, Tango Adventure Assistant
I am a contemporary dancer and choreographer from Connecticut but now call Buenos Aires home. As an undergrad at Bates College I studied Dance and Anthropology which eventually led me to discover tango in Buenos Aires and pursue a thesis project on the rich culture inhabiting the dance. What I love most about tango is its social context, full of people of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds dancing together and learning from each other. During the Tango Bliss Adventure I will assist you in making the most out of your time in the city: visiting tourist sites, finding neighborhood cafes, getting in some shopping, or just an being an ear to listen…whatever you need!


We draw on insider connections to pack in a week full of incredibly authentic, amazing experiences you won’t find on any other tour for this magical week.

2016 prices:
Payment plan options are available. Nonrefundable deposit of $500 is required to hold your spot. To make it easy for you to budget, we can set up a payment plan to pay for the rest of your trip on a monthly basis. For example, if you book in October for a trip in March, we can then set up payments of $339 for five months to pay in full before the trip.

As of late October 2016, you can book a private room at Hotel Costa Rica for $288 for a week, bringing the total cost of your adventure to $2483.

What’s included in the Tang0 Adventure
– Welcome dinner
– Goodbye feast
– 3 seminars on tango and what tango has to teach you for life and relationships (tangasm/pleasure, goddess-body-shaping, posture + confidence, and eyes of desire–showing your desire in the world). Plus we talk about the connections between tango, quirkyalone, and quirkytogether.
– Gluten-free empanada + wine night at Sasha’s apartment combined with Tango Goddess workshop
– Group workshop and two private lessons with one of the best tango teachers in Buenos Aires Alejandro Puerta. (You will love the lessons–one woman called her lessons a little “slice of heaven”)
– A Psicotango workshop experience (some people call this workshop an immersion therapy experience that changed everything for them) with local psychoanalyststs specializing in tango to help you discover yourself through your body language and dance
– Four guided outings to milongas, the beautiful places where people dance tango in Buenos Aires. We’ll visit traditional, elegant milongas, and alternative milongas where you can hear tangasmic live tango music (you can have a tangasm just by listening to music too)
– Two-hour taxi dancer (“dancer for hire”) to help you make your debut onto the dance floor at a Buenos Aires milonga (you’re going to feel empowered)
– Tango shoe-shopping outing for practice shoes and elegant shoes to help you find the shoes to make your tango dreams come true
– Personal “concierge” help from my assistant Colleen to connect you with the things you most want to do in Buenos Aires, whether that’e exploring museums, shopping, sightseeing, or . . .
– Orientation to the city, public transportation, and cabs so you feel confident to make the most of your time in this amazing cultural, creative city plus a SUBE card you can use for public transport as desired
– Tons of personal support, guidance + connections to create your personal tango adventure in Buenos Aires + what tango has to teach you for life
– 1-hour Integration session via Skype with Sasha one month after you go back home to help you integrate these lessons in your life at home and continue the tango journey, metaphorically or at the milonga

Plus bonus surprises!

We highly encourage you to come at least a day early and to spend extra time in Buenos Aires exploring the city and/or to travel in Argentina before or after if you can.


We offer two ways for you to join us: on a Group Tango Adventure or a Flexible-Dates Adventure.

GROUP 7-DAY TANGO ADVENTURE: MARCH 4-11, 2017 + APRIL 15-22, 2017

The women (and men) who resonate with the quirkyalone concept and come to Buenos Aires are smart, accomplished, open-minded, and supportive. Everyone supports each other as you learn together for one amazing week. Very limited spaces, so book now!


Can’t make those dates? No worries, we also offer “flexible-date” tango adventures. Get in touch and see if we can make dates work. If you want to come for a life-changing 7 days in Buenos Aires. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to come between now and June 2017 (except January). This adventure has the advantage of giving you more personal attention. You’ll meet tons of people through your tango experience and get a lot of support.

Deadlines for signing up

Limited spaces are available for both adventures!
Sign up by January 31 to get the early-bird ($2195) price for the March Adventure.
Sign up by February 28 to get the early-bird ($2195) price for the April Adventure.

Note: You can sign up with a deposit of $500 to reserve your spot and pay for the rest on a payment plan. We’ll talk about the details when we speak on the phone.

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We keep each group cozy + intimate — just you, me and a small group of new friends.

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