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Free-thinking, empowered quirkyalone and quirkytogether women (and men) are a huge part of our society, but we haven’t caught up yet to the idea that women and men might be thinking about relationships, motherhood, sex, and work in new ways.

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“I’m excited to have finally found your newsletter! I discovered QA almost a decade ago, when a friend passed it along. I have frequently referred to it as my bible.”

Lisa Porter

“I love following Sasha’s journey through her newsletter. Her roles from freedom fighter to sensualist to diarist to coach inspire me. Her newsletter reads like all the waves of feminism blended together, and I love her straight-talking commitment to inclusion and compassion.”

Tanya Berzeh

“I love to read your newsletters. I’m currently reading your book Quirkyalone, and enjoying it tremendously. I’ve already sent it to one friend and am sending it to another today. It’s so nice to know I’m alone and not alone.”

Lisa Smith

Author of The Vampire Diaries

I started following you because I loved your balanced approach to singleness/togetherness. I was getting tired of all the ‘love coaches’ out there, whom I simultaneously was attracted to–because of course I’d like to find my soul mate!–and repelled by — because what’s wrong with being single? Thanks for being a voice in the lone wilderness for quirkyalones.

Gretchen Wegner

“Reading your newsletter, I feel such a relief. I’m definitely not crazy, and there’s more of us out here than I ever knew :).”


“”As usual for me when I read your writing I felt such needed “it’s not just me!” relief.”


“Your work has helped so many people including me; as if it were an energy boost, an encouraging coach, or a splash of cool water in the race of life.”

Torrey Carlton