Transform your life with the support of a vibrant community

A Year of Turned-On Living

Made for independent-minded, growth-oriented, supportive women who resonate with my ideas of quirkyalone and women’s empowerment in pussywalking…In 2024, the group is for single women and women in quirkytogether relationships.

Turned-On Living is a yearlong small group coaching adventure to help you create a turned-on life, whatever that looks like for you.

You’ll get support, accountability, and camaraderie, along with life-changing somatic teachings, to get clear about what you really want in your life, and live it.

Want to be part of this “coven”?

  • The intimacy of the group is the magic, along with the teachings, so I hand-curate the group, and keep it small.
  • The deadline to apply is January 1. All interviews will be conducted in January. 
  • We begin in June with spring energy! Which gives you ample time to prepare, put our meetings on your calendar, and get yourself ready. 
  • First step, click the button below and tell me about you. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Let’s talk about your year of Turned-On Living 

Do you ever feel alone in your personal growth journey, like the only one who struggles with people-pleasing, a harsh inner critic, or burnout?

Do you get lost in your own inner narrative, and sometimes feel like the only one who doesn’t know exactly what she wants, even though you are 35, 45, 55, or 65?

Do you want to embrace your body, pleasure, and sensuality, whether you are single or not?

Are you curious about how other women are approaching this life thing?

If so, I invite you to step into the possibility of surrounding yourself with other badass women (mostly unmarried or quirkytogether) and me, as we go on a yearlong adventure together in learning the skills and practices of Turned-On Living and applying it where it matters most in each woman’s life.

Turned-on Living is an intimate, small group coaching adventure led by yours truly, Quirkyalone author and life and executive coach Sasha Cagen. I truly believe this yearlong program will change you for the better. It’s a bold claim, and I believe it!

The Turned-On Living philosophy is simple: When you shift your attention to what makes you feel energized, everything else will naturally follow. 

Your confidence, your clearest desires, and the ability to follow through and make them happen, or create whatever magic wants to happen in your life.

Turned-On Living is a somatic life coach program for women that will build your life force energy, help you get clear about what you really want, and give you the support to go for it, whatever that looks like for you.

Rather than simply responding to what’s coming at you, you will be more in control to choose the state you want to embody, having the kinds of experiences you want to have, whether you have a partner or not.

You’ll take more risks and live a more turned-on life. You’ll also develop a whole new relationship with your body and sensuality.

Let’s be real. The world is not set up to help women feel confident, sexy, or good in their bodies.

Mainstream cultures train us women to turn off our desires, to settle (for jobs and relationships), to put others’ needs above our own, to care more about how we look than how we feel, and to spend a lot of time in our heads worrying about it all!

Turned-On Living will help you reverse that patriarchal conditioning, and give you a set of tools and a community to help you stay true to yourself and your deepest desires.

I don’t believe in quick fixes. Real change comes through consistent practice.

Turned-On Living is yearlong because it’s designed to work for the long game of somatic, mind-body transformation.

Near the end of our year together, we meet in person for a three-day retreat in Providence, Rhode Island.

Are you in? The first step is to tell me more about you. I hand-curate the group, because the magic is found in the women who are part of Turned-On Living.

Are you a Turned-On Living type?   

  • You’re a smart, thoughtful, curious woman. You are likely unmarried and childless, or childfree, or have grown children.
  • If you are married or in a relationship, you want to reclaim you. 
  • You are responsible and diligent. Some would say even overly conscientous. You may have some people-pleasing tendencies you would like to work through and change.
  • You want more pleasure and joy. You dare to want to have fun.
  • You want to get out of your head and connect with your body.
  • You want to get clear on what you really want for your life.
  • You’re intrigued by the idea that building your turned-on sexual and sensual energy  could help you in other areas of your life.

About Your Guide in  Turned-On Living 

My name is Sasha Cagen. I have been helping women to step into their power and love themselves for more than 20 years since I published my cult favorite book Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics in 2004 (HarperCollins). I have taught and coached thousands of women and men at retreat centers such as the Omega Institute and through online courses and my transformative Tango Adventures in Buenos Aires. 

My essays have appeared in Women’s HealthMen’s HealthWiredVice, the San Francisco Chronicle, and many others. My books and innovative coaching have been featured on CNN with Anderson Cooper, Dr. Phil, The New York Times, NPR, Washington Post, Boston Globe, and many other media worldwide.

My book To-Do List (Simon & Schuster) explores what our lists reveal about us. (Hint: the root of the verb to list is to lust, so our lists certainly have something to do with our desires.) My upcoming memoir Wet tells the story of how I healed myself from the aftermath of the secret of childhood sexual abuse through adventures in sensuality in South America. Much of the research for Wet is transmitted through teachings in Turned-On Living, so you get an inside view of the book-writing process.

Since 2012, I have been coaching women (and a few sensitive, self-aware men) full-time to get clear on what they really want, and live it.  My coach training began with CTI, the largest and most respected coach training organization in the world, in 2011, and has continued with umpteemth workshops on female empowerment, female sexuality, and body intelligence, most recently with Gay and Katie Hendricks in their Big Leap coach trainings. 

I grew up in Rhode Island, so I know something about feeling repressed and uncomfortable with sexuality. I since spent most of my adult life in the San Francisco Bay Area, then moved to Buenos Aires for six years to immerse myself in the culture of tango, and now I live back at home in Providence, Rhode Island.

I also travel the world immersing myself in explorations of culture and pleasure. My latest favorite place is Ubud, Bali, where I have enjoyed studying kundalini yoga and getting to know the tango community. There is so much to explore in Bali! I also visit Argentina yearly to dance tango.

I genuinely love helping women connect to the power they have inside of them.  

Turned-On Living,

Month by Month

Turned-On Living is a yearlong step-by-step program of women’s empowerment.

You learn the secret superpowers and skills that are most important for building, and maintaining, a turned-on life, in community. 

Intentions, and Pussywalking


We get to know each other, set our intentions, and to begin to define what turned-on living looks like for each person. We’ll also learn the value of being intentional and creating turned-on habits from my story and research.

At the end of the month, we do a pussywalking class, a skill that we practice  throughout the year to connect with the sexual energy we each have inside our bodies that is available to each of us when we put our attention down there. We begin to develop “pussy energy,” which is anything but weak.



How do you learn how to love yourself? We start by looking at self-compassion (vs. self-criticism or self-pity), and why self-compassion is the vital practice we return to all year to create a turned-on life.

Self-compassion is a skill you will learn through simple mind-body daily practices to open your heart.

We also talking about the vows you will make to yourself later in the year, in a soul commitment, or self-marriage, ceremony at the retreat! Turned-On Living is a yearlong program. Practices will pave the way for things to come later. 



What does it look like to prioritize your pleasure? What is joyful for you? Can pursuing your own pleasure build your sense of self-worth? But wait, is it selfish to value your own pleasure?

You’ll learn about the science of pleasure and how it fuels self-knowledge, growth and confidence.  We’ll be sharing how this all goes in our biweekly calls and on the private Whatsapp group.

What You Really Want Month 


What do you want? What do you really, really want? There is magic in clarity. 

I guide you to write visions with a tool called “process simulation” to close the gap between the vision and reality, and read them out loud to each other. We do visioning from an embodied place to help clarify your desires, building mind-body connection. These are visions we check up on throughout the year.

By this time you may have gotten comfortable saying the word “pussy” out loud, itself a bold step. 🙂

Anti-People-Pleasing Month 


People-pleasing drains our turn-on. When we people-please, we’re contorting ourselves to do what others want, or what we think they want. 

We workshop situations in everyone’s lives and learn new ways to speak up, have difficult conversations, set limits, and say no without breaking connection with people you care about. Saying no is a big one!

Anti-people-pleasing is also about being more authentic. Becoming more yourself will be a theme of Turned-On Living. 

Embodied Confidence 


The month is about changing your relationship to your body, to enjoy being in your body, feeling good, while also taking up more space. 

Connecting with our body can help us make wiser decisions. Interoception is the technical term for connecting with sensations inside your body, and it’s a hot area of neuroscience and psychology research. We look at what a whole-body yes, maybe and no feels like.

This month we also discover pussybreathing as an energetic practice, and pussywhispering, or how to consult your body to make decisions.

Turned-On Thinking


In December you will learn about and practice turned-on thinking, or deliberately choosing thoughts to create the experience we want to have. Turned-on thinking alone is a life-changing skill that you can use for every challenge.

Specially, we will focus on thoughts that get us into having more fun.

We will also practice saying no during this busy month.

Rest as Resistance


January is our month of turning inward and “wintering.” Rest as resistance (coined by Tricia Hersey, whose book we read together) by the  will be an important theme  yearround. We explore what rest looks like for each of us and how to build it in to our lives in a culture that normalizes burnout. We make rest sexy and sensual.

We will also explore “digital mindfulness” and “digital detox” to build your ability to keep your attention where you want it. 

Asking for What You Want 


In February, we practice asking for what we really want in a way that will transform your ability to make requests. You will also learn the life-changing skill of “enrollment” to invite people into the things you want to create or do in life. 

You will also practice getting into your BAD girl and what she really wants.

Soul Commitment 


At the end of March, we meet in Providence for a three-day retreat. Activities include Dancing in the Woods and a Soul Commitment or Self-Marriage Ceremony as a ritual that we co-create together. We spend the month leading up to it focused on developing the skill of appreciation, and working through the vows.

Everyone gets witnessed at the retreat. A soul commitment or self-marriage ceremony might scare you now; that’s OK. The Turned-On Living journey all naturally weaves together. There is power in numbers doing something new.

Sexuality and Sensuality


The cultural messaging we receive around sexuality and sensuality is guilt-inducing and shaming, and keeps us silent, when what we need to do is talk to each other! This month is all about cultivating your sensuality and sexuality with erotic self-care, whether you are single or partnered. We adopt a growth and learning mindset about sexual energy, sexuality, and sensuality  as a form of self-love and self-worth and an infinite journey. 

We explore Tantric and Taoist concepts that build sexual energetic connection with oneself. We also explore sexual confidence and self-pleasure. 

Focusing on feeling good may increase your libido, and your lust for life.



The final month of boldness is the culmination of our journey, because we have spent the whole year being bold. You will live experiments in boldness during the final month.

I teach you the Art of Dancing with Fear because doubts will always come up when we move outside our comfort zones. We learn how to tolerate the discomfort of taking bold actions.

We close out the year acknowledging each other and the impact we have made on each others’ lives. 

How does it work? When do we meet?

  • Three group 75-minute calls per month. Fourth week off in the month, dedicated to spacious integration. The time will be the same weekly. Tuesday, 4 pm ET.
  • One guided LIVE 30-minute pussywalking session a month for wholeness, confidence and embodied sensuality that gets you walking and feeling differently. These calls will take place via phone and will get you moving.
  • A Whatsapp group to share how it’s going. A place to connect between sessions on the “playwork”  ask questions, and give and get support.
  • Four 20-minute check-in calls with me throughout the year to go over any questions or blocks that come up or whatever is important for you.
  • Monthly Check-In Buddies: Every month you get a new person to connect with over Zoom, phone, or text. These relationships help to foster closer connections as well as accountability and support.
  • Everyone will have their own turned-on living goals and we will be supporting each other to live them throughout the year.

What is Turned-On Living?

Turned-On Living is a way of thinking about life, a philosophy about body connection and truth, and a set of tools taught in this signature 12-month small group coaching program. What does it look like for you to connect with yourself and the truth of your body’s desires? That’s where you will discover your version of a turned-on life.

What is pussywalking? Why is it important in the program?

Pussywalking is a somatic, mindfulness practice that I created through my study of tango and female sexuality that helps women to connect with the nerve endings in their pelvic regions, specifically the internal clitoris, to help them walk in a new way, with their full power and all the subtle pleasure that comes with this activation of awareness. Pussy is thought of as weak, but pussy energy is actually anything but. 

Pussywalking changes the way women walk through the world. Nothing is more fundamental to your embodiment than the way you walk through the world. By the end of TOL, expect to inhabit your body differently differently. People may notice. But what is more important is how you feel. 

Is pussywalking still relevant to me as a post-menopausal woman?

Absolutely! Pussywalking is relevant for every woman at every age. 

Why is there a focus on the body? What is all this somatic stuff?

As we learned in The Body Keeps the Score, traumas (big and little) leave an impact in the body. Healing also takes root in your body.

Through Turned-On Living, you will connect with your body (and mind and spirit) as you practice making decisions for the good of your life. At the same time, you will be stepping into routines and rituals to build your life force energy. The best way to change your emotional and mental state is often through connecting with your body.

What if I have to miss a session?

Everyone will miss a session once or twice through the year; in that case you listen to the recording and catch up with the group on the week’s “playwork” on our private online group.

Is the retreat mandatory?

By the time we get to that part of the year, you won’t be able to fathom not coming. 

How big is the group?

The group will be 10-12 women max. I interview each person in depth. I keep things small enough so that everyone can connect, get to know each other, form bonds, and not get lost in the group. Everyone feeling included and seen is a top priority for me as your facilitator and guide. Don’t worry about getting lost in the group. I am always working to make sure that doesn’t happen.

The intimacy of this program makes it special. One woman from the 2023 group told me, “I’m crazy about these ladies in the TOL Group! Each person is so unique… and fantastic.” 

The In-Person Retreat   

Retreat in Providence, Rhode Island, the rebellious “biggest little state in the union”

There is no substitute for meeting in person. Our three-day retreat will take place at the end of our year together and is so important. It makes such a big difference to spend a year together online and then meet in person. For this year’s group, it was a magical experience.

What 2023 Turned-On Living women say

Here’s what Shana from North Carolina says about the risk she took in joining Turned-On Living 2023, and her decision-making process:

“I had underlying fears about my budget and the year to come. I was just going into private practice as a therapist and I hadn’t built my caseload yet. I shared Turned-On Living with my daughter. She told me, “You need to do that.” It was a big decision to join because I had to face my fear and go on the faith of, ‘I think this is going to be good for me.’ And it has been f##$ing amazing.”

Here’s what Christine from Washington State says about the retreat experience and the yearlong soul commitment ceremony process that culminated that weekend:

“The Turned-On Living retreat was the ultimate capstone for the year we’ve all spent together.

It was both a bonding experience that brought me closer to each woman in our group while also being a safe and supportive space to explore the depths of my soul and my desires for a turned-on life.

Each woman brought with them such a potent energy that shaped our collective experience and created a space of vulnerability and kindness. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a transformative experience.

Sasha was so supportive throughout the entire soul commitment co-creation process. The prompts provided and gentle nudging to explore my true desires for my life were the perfect level of support.

Additionally, being able to talk one-on-one with other women in our group to talk through our emotional barriers, ask each other how we were thinking of the process, etc. was so helpful to break through some of the challenges I was facing. It was hard for me to think about what I might want my life to look like in tangible ways, but focusing on how I wanted to feel and what I wanted to honor in myself regardless of life’s circumstances was very helpful.

I feel like I came away from the ceremony with a stronger and more grounded sense of self. I believe this exploration and ultimate commitment has reminded me of what truly matters in my life. I now have a north star for what I deserve from myself.”

Here’s what Jill from Hoboken, New Jersey said,  “The retreat was a special, powerful, essential part of the Turned-On Living year and my fully experiencing the community of women. I don’t think I could truly embody everything I needed to from this year (and the remaining months) until the in-person experience! Plus, it’s super fun and just not to be missed!

Being together in person with the whole group and Sasha! And time in nature with everyone. It was magic! The solo pussywalk at the farm, when I turned around and saw everyone standing there in the field. Will never forget the peace, calm, love, strength I got from everyone and the earth in that moment.

I loved the dancing in the woods and will not forget the guy who passed by and said, with a big smile, “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!” What did I get out of it? Feeling more peaceful in my own skin, feeling like I can be kinder to myself and others, and somehow the world is not quite as scary as it was.

Turned-On Living has been profoundly life-changing. Now I have tools, habits, movements, emotional support and a cheering section as I build a happier life.”


Want to be part of this upcoming “coven”?

Tell me more about you. The group is hand-curated. We’ll get on the phone or Zoom to see if we have a match!