Do you want to turn on your life? 


Better work-life balance.

Better relationships. Better sex.   

Turn On Your Life in a coaching program made for highly accomplished women 40+  

Are you a high-achieving woman who is re-evaluating what’s most important?

Do you want support to get clear on what you really want?

And how about the structure to actually get there, step by step? 

Would you like to know what connecting with your body, and pleasure, has to do with this?

Would you like to have a seasoned life coach you can trust to help you get there?   

Let’s get you on a path to a turned-on life.   

 Hi! I’m Sasha. I’m a life coach with a focus on women’s empowerment and body-mind connection. I’ve been coaching women for over ten years now, and writing about women’s lives for twenty. Welcome. I am glad to meet you! 

I focus on helping accomplished women 40+. 

I teach my clients how to get clear about what they really want in life, and to overcome fear, insecurity, and self-doubt by teaching them how to rewire their thoughts and connect with their bodies.

Can I help you?

Tap “let’s talk” to tell me what you want to focus on in coaching. If I think there’s a good chance I can help, we’ll set up a time for a free phone consult to discover whether we are a good fit. Look forward to hearing from you!

Who it’s for

I work with women who are curious, adventurous, really smart, often single (but not always), highly conscientious, and quirky in one way or another. Some of them have advanced degrees. Some are working in leadership roles as academics, in business, or as entrepreneurs. Others are educators, health care workers, or even public radio hosts! 

My clients appear confident on the outside, but they have doubts and insecurities that get in their way. They want someone to talk to, someone who gets them that they can trust.

They may struggle with imposter syndrome, burnout, or people-pleasing.

They might have secret dreams—and other secret shames they have never told anyone about. 

Or forgotten that their lives get to include pleasure.

That’s where our work comes in.

Working together, I help you get unstuck from the doubts and fears that are stopping you, and take lots of baby steps that lead to big changes. I keep a focus on fun and pleasure along the path of transformation because I believe that play is the best way to accelerate change.

Think of it as flipping a switch—when you get aligned with your true desires, the light comes on. You can access the electricity inside you. 

“I decided to work with Sasha when I ended my last relationship, and was trying to find a better way to be alone again free of codependency. I have worked with a number of coaches, but Sasha is at the top my list. I love Sasha’s “Quirkyalone” and “Wet” constructs. Her approach is distinctive, modern, passionate. She is intuitive, funny, and wise beyond her years. she assigns just the right amount of “playwork” to keep you processing and exploring between sessions. Sasha cares about her clients deeply. Best of all, the objectives you choose to achieve are met—and in my case—exceeded.”–Carrie Branovan, Brand Director, Wisconsin

I took a leap of faith and reached out to Sasha eight months ago after years of feeling stuck in almost all aspects of my life, and I needed someone to objectively help me get clarity. I came to know Sasha after listening to her interview on Joe’s Tango Podcast. I am a tango dancer, so is Sasha. During the pandemic restrictions I was not able to dance, so I took to the Internet consuming anything tango-related. Though a total stranger, I found that I could relate to Sasha in so many ways. She also mentioned that she is a life coach, so I emailed her, she responded and the rest is history. With her objective, thoughtful and non-judgmental style of coaching, coupled with a lot of tools, I felt understood and validated. Ultimately, I feel I have clarity and am in the process of healing. I hope this gives you courage to reach out if you are feeling stuck in your life.”–Furahini Tluway, South Africa

Kelly Macias

Working with Sasha as a coach has been really important and transformative for me, and I have worked with other coaches before. Something about Sasha’s style and experience as a tango dancer, as someone who wants women to be empowered, happy and comfortable with who they are is really unique and important. I can’t imagine not having worked with her and having the experience I had in tango and back at home. You will learn things about yourself and feel glad you did it. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about working with Sasha to give it a try, you will learn all kinds of things about yourself that will change your world.”–Kelly Macias, writer and Chief Talent Officer,  Los Angeles  

I entered a significant transition in life at age 50 and knew I would be navigating several sources of loss all at once. I questioned whether I would benefit from support or if I should just deal with the challenges as they presented themselves. There seem to be life coaches everywhere and it’s tough to find the extremely skilled ones with great discernment and intuition. Thank goodness I made a decision to hire Sasha.

Having her insights each week and guidance allowed me to rid myself of old unhealthy patterns as I made a new start. I wouldn’t have been able to see and decipher these things on my own. It’s difficult to describe how valuable this has been to my heart, mind, and spirit.  Sasha is extremely supportive and non-judgmental, her reminders are from a place of caring commitment. I love that her guidance is inspired by intuition. I have saved myself a great deal of time and unnecessary pain by working with Sasha. It has created meaning in a time of uncertainty and provided peace of mind at the most impactful times. It has been a tremendous act of self-care on my behalf.”–Jen Hunt, Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

What you can expect

 I have a down-to-earth, realistic approach. I believe we have to talk about all of it, the good, the bad, and the ugly to help you transform your life. I’ve designed an effective methodology over the last ten years that gets my clients results. 

Mostly, we’ll look at:

What lights you up 

What you really want (even if others don’t “get” it)

What’s stopping you

How to go after it 

We start with one, two, or three main goals. 

Here are some examples from past clients:

 Gracefully navigating life transitions (such as breakups, divorce, burnout, etc.)

Healing heartbreak, and codependence

Overcoming people-pleasing tendencies 

Unraveling issues related to—and discovering—sexuality

Making major life decisions

Designing your career or business initiatives

Stepping up at work

Better work-life balance

Injecting joy into daily life

Healing shame that’s getting in the way of anything

Sasha is adventurous, wise, and willing to be vulnerable in her work and practice which for me, is HUGE for anyone doing this kind of work. I don’t really trust people with my personal life information that aren’t vulnerable themselves. Her sense of humor and playfulness compliments her depth beautifully. She asks the important questions and actually cares about the answers. Sasha is someone you want in your life. I highly recommend you contact her if you’re looking for an amazing life coach!”–Lindsay Chrisler, Denver, CO

“When you’re in any major life transition, Sasha can help. Sasha has many clever, practical solutions to get you through transitions– most of all–she cares. And she has a gift for finding all the blind spots. Sasha read me like a friend who’s known me for years. After working with her for just a few months I’ve gone from feeling lost and overwhelmed with my job search, to finding a whole new direction for my path.“–Petra Hanson, San Francisco, CA

“The journey of coaching with Sasha has been amazing. I can’t thank you enough for expanding my understanding of sex, sexuality, sensuality and feeling turned on as we have worked to overcome my vaginismus.–Laura, Newfoundland, Canada

“As a quirkyalone and someone in need of a little life coaching, I figured Sasha might be the perfect life coach, and she was!  She “got” me from the start and as our time went on I was impressed with how well she knew me.“–Matt, Retired Orchestra Director

Working with Sasha has been instrumental in huge changes in my life. It helped me leave a job and find a new one, it helped me have a wonderful long-distance relationship and feel resilient when that relationship ended. I am so grateful for the freedom and confidence working with Sasha has given me over the past year.”–Megan Cramer, Atlanta Georgia


How Life Coaching Works

 I tell clients that we work together for a minimum of six months, because that’s the minimum I see for most people to make meaningful changes that will lead to sustainable success. We work together for as long as we think it’s productive. 

We talk two or three times a month. 

Coaching calls (50 minutes each): This is where the heart of our work takes place. We  dig deep on your goals—and your emotional blocks.

Personalized Action Plan: Between the sessions, you will have a plan to keep you growing, and getting things done with accountability. I call the homework “playwork.” This could be a writing exercise, networking, or punching pillows to get anger out of your body, just for example! The playwork will be unique to you.

Curated resources. Based on my close observation of you and your needs, I suggest books, tools, and even shows.  

Email support: Email access means that you can reach out for support on the playwork between sessions to keep you moving forward. 


My coaching program blends the introspection and emotional work of therapy with an action-oriented approach to create the present and future that you want.

My methodology is grounded in a combination of inner work and outer actions between the sessions (what I call your playwork) to get you results and transformation.

I draw upon the signature concepts I have created in my books and videos, such as “quirkyalone,” “quirkytogether,” “getting wet” and “pussywalking” to help you become more empowered.  In everything we will be building your self-worth and your connection to your body. Get the basics about pussywalking in this video.

I’ll teach you key practices to work with fear and negative thoughts, and to build energy and self-acceptance too.

The tools I have collected and developed over the last ten years have helped hundreds of clients and many are backed by academic, evidence-based research. Most important, I only share with you tools that I have used myself and know work from my own experience.

My Story

I’ll take notes during our sessions!

Why did I become a coach? My own wake-up call came when I was in my mid-thirties.  I had taken a product manager job in Silicon Valley. Before that, I co-founded and sold a tech startup, published two books with HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster, and put out a nationally award-winning magazine. I had achieved a lot, but I wasn’t happy. I was burned out. And lost.  

Working with a life coach changed my life. That experience gave me the courage to listen to my body’s intuition to leave it all behind to travel in South America. That key decision led me to five years of living in Buenos Aires where I dedicated my life to tango, coaching, and writing my next book, a memoir called WET.  I created a life that I can call my own.

Ever since, I have lived in a very different way, paying attention to what I feel in my body as much as what I think. I transmit this body-mind approach to clients, so you will learn how to be in dialogue with your body in new, empowering ways. I firmly believe that if we all just acknowledged that our bodies speak volumes, we would all be a lot happier. 

My training comes from CTI, the top life coach training organization in the world. I’m a graduate of Columbia University. My books and coaching have been featured in the New York Times, The Guardian, Vogue, and on NPR, CNN, and MSNBC. 

After living for many years in the San Francisco Bay Area and  Buenos Aires, I am currently based in my native Rhode Island. I continue to work globally with clients all over the world. Through the magic of the Internet, we are able to work together.

“I first contacted Sasha because I was trying to get over a broken heart… but that was just the tip of the iceberg. I was struggling with work and dating, amongst other things. Sasha helped me put everything in perspective. I was really impressed with how Sasha made me think about my life goals. I was amazed to see how important it is to simply articulate a goal and think about the steps that I need to take to achieve that goal. I committed to actually following through. Sasha is really fantastic, I can’t recommend her enough!”–Michelle Braiden, Montreal, Canada

“I struggle with social anxiety, and I had gotten to the point where I had some serious doubts about being the least bit successful.  Sasha was incredibly helpful in figuring things out and helping me to be persistent and accountable, without being forceful or pushy. Her style, it seems, is to figure out the style that works for her clients, which is very effective.”–Keith, Boston, MA

“Sasha, You’ve been on my mind so much in the last two weeks. On February 4th, I got married. To the man I met right at the end of our Quirkytogether coaching course. We are maintaining our own homes and lives AND we are married. I’m getting everything I ever wanted! Thank you!”–Barbara Berry, Florida

If you are considering working with Sasha, DO IT (all capital letters and tons of emphasis)! You will see so much change in a short amount of time. Sasha has a gift for helping people quickly realize what they want and why they’re holding themselves back from getting it.”–Lauren Pollini, San Francisco

Can I help you?

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We all need support in life. It’s a myth that people do it all on their own. 

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