Get Wet.

Reconnect to your sensuality, commit to your life

Discover why body connection is so vital to your life’s fulfillment.

Since you can’t come to Buenos Aires now for a Tango Adventure, it’s the ideal time to Get Wet through this six-month, life-changing coaching program. With the option of adding tango.

You are burned-out, tired of staring at screens, and can’t seem to make traction on the things that matter most to you. You don’t even know what you want really. Welcome to Getting Wet. 

Get Wet is a 6-month intensive sensuality life coaching program that will help you move forward in life in your goals where you need it most while also helping you connect with your body for an experience I call “embodied self-worth” that can change everything. 

Getting Wet is not just about sex. There’s nothing pornographic here! Getting Wet is about moving beyond a purely cerebral, analytical approach to life to growing your connection with your body for a more flowing, vibrant life in tune with your deepest desires. 

You will be getting more done–without sacrificing enjoyment to productivity. 

No matter what, Get Wet will get you moving. Tango can be added to anchor lessons in your body even further.

This is not group coaching. This is an individualized program crafted for you because every woman is different. Finding Your Wet will be unique to you. 

Dive in to the next phase of your life 

By Getting Wet

What can you get out of getting wet? Coaching on its own can 10 times your growth and success because you get expert outside advice, guidance and perspective that will save you a lot of time. You’ll have creative brainstorming support to plot and power the next steps of your  life. Then we have the educational and experiential body aspects of Getting Wet.

The power of your sensuality and sexuality can positively influence your life in many ways. This is not what they taught you in sex. ed, though they should have! 

We’ll focus on what matters most for you. Finding your Wet is going to be a diving in adventure.

When we do the initial consult, we’ll talk about the 1-3 things you tell me you want to focus on through the program. We’ll confirm your goals are a good fit.

Your Getting Wet goals may relate to self-worth, confidence and self-love, love/relationships/dating/sex, work/career/business and your overall vitality and health.

This is a holistic program. From dance breaks to walks in nature, you’ll be getting lose through moving, which brings all kinds of psychological and physical benefits.

Here are some examples of focus areas from past clients.

  • Getting clear about what you really, really want in life, work and relationships and take concrete, accountable actions
  • Getting beyond being too nice, staying silent and people-pleasing to speak up without guilt
  • Starting a new business or a creative project
  • Figuring out next steps in a career
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin to be more present, more you
  • Online dating is a magic world of sex and intimacy and ghosting! I help you navigate it.
  • Moving through divorce, breakups, or romantic obsession (or getting out of a stagnant relationship where you’ve been unhappy for years) to move on 
  • Improving your sex life with a partner so you go from performing out of obligation to genuine pleasure and desire
  • Learning how to thrive in a relationship where you don’t lose yourself 
  • Overcoming vaginismus to enjoy sex again or for the first time
  • Body acceptance and celebration no matter what your age, body type or size. 
  • If you have past trauma, work out the remnants of shame and sadness and other negative emotions left in your body–especially by adding tango. There are some things that words cannot touch, and you need to feel in your body.
  • Or ….up to you. We’ll talk about it and name your areas in the initial consult and as we dive in to the adventure together.

What you

Will Be Doing Between Sessions

What makes Getting Wet unique is our focus on integrating your body into your goals. In our sessions we talk and unravel, then I guide the way strategizing next steps. Between the sessions you’ll be moving, playing, and growing.

More than typical therapy this coaching program has a creative, action-oriented component that will get you learning new skills and living differently.

Getting Wet means diving in. Some days you’ll be swimming. Other days you’ll be playing in the waves. 

You will have “playwork” to do between sessions–we aim to make “homework” fun.

Maybe your “playwork” will be “two sessions of sexy alone time with dancing and swiveling hips in the bedroom.”

Or maybe it will be trying on a new posture of certainty and authority at work when giving a presentation after pussywalking into the room. 

We break down next steps into actionable baby steps so you’re always moving forward …at a comfortable pace. Baby step by baby step, Getting Wet will gently pushes you out of your comfort zone to become the powerful woman you long to become.

why wet

Body-connected coaching

Americans (and Westerners) often lack a connection with our bodies and a concomitant lack of enjoyment in our lives. Sexuality is used to titillate us but we rarely talk about sex or sensuality and sensations in our bodies. 

We stay stuck in our heads, and get stuck in analysis paralysis.

The mind will always split into dualities: yes or no. Pro or con. We become self-critical too, since the brain has a negativity bias.

To break through you need the intelligence of your body. That’s what this Getting Wet will help you to do. 

Your connection with your body can change you and your life. People who are in touch with their sexual and sensual energy have more energy to pursue the goals and dreams of their lives. Through Getting Wet, you’ll be discovering new pathways of making decisions, recycling negative emotions, and discovering what lights you up all through the healing power of your sensuality. 

Getting Wet is perfect for you whether you’re single or partnered. Either way you have the capacity to connect with yourself. 


Why add


You have the option of adding private tango lessons to your Getting Wet journey. 

When you add tango with Wanda, you will be getting:

  • private tango lessons teaching you the foundations of tango dance, music, and important culture points so you are ready to go for your first milonga (where tango dancers go to dance) with specific corrections and teachings for you and your body
  • personal transformation through tango… 

Born through the limits of the pandemic we created a methodology of working with clients remotely.

We learned that profound learning is possible even when we work with you at a distance. Which is fantastic, because that means we can work with you no matter where you live. When you put dance and coaching together, you will be unstoppable. As one of our clients told us, “I am in awe of how much I can learn through dance.”

With your permission, Sasha shares with Wanda relevant issues about whatever you’re talking about in coaching sessions. Sasha and Wanda talk about how to put what you are learning through coaching into your body in tango. Wanda works those topics with you through your body in tango lessons so you are both learning tango steps and personal transformation at the same time.

Pretty cool, huh? You’ll have two tango goddesses putting their attention on you for your growth.

You can be a beginner in tango or someone who has been dancing years. If you are just starting, don’t hesitate. Total beginners are welcome!

Our Tango As a Mirror Methodology

We teach you tango using our tango as a mirror philosophy. 

The study of tango gives every person reflection moments that give you an opening in yourself and a path, and through that path you find your own answers. The aha moments produce personal revelations through your body.

When you anchor a lesson in your body beyond your brain, it becomes part of you. 

Tango teaches you a new way to walk through life, tall, and to connect with yourself and a partner. You can work on confidence, playfulness, balance, finding your center (axis), sensuality, relationships and relationship with yourself, and owning your own worth. 

Sue is the star of National Geographic’s Life Below Zero. Hear reality star Sue Aikens talk about how learning tango with us helped her to learn to stop apologizing. 

About Sasha +

My Getting Wet Journey

This program is created from the heart based on all the secrets and strategies I learned for my own mind-body healing from past sexual trauma and all the work I have done to support other women in their own unraveling of their pasts to embrace their bodies, hearts, and lives. 

This six-month sensuality life-coaching program was created based on all the knowledge I collected in ten years of research in my own body, chronicled in my forthcoming memoir Wet, which tells the story of healing the impact of a secret of childhood sexual abuse through sensual experiences.

Getting wet totally changed my life, taking me from a product manager job in Silicon Valley to a new life built on my passions. Even more important, following body intuitions led me to heal and learn how to value myself and know that I’m lovable. The Get Wet coaching program is my way of bringing this path to you and helping you to transform your life and your relationship to your body and yourself.

Here are some factoids about me:

  • Master life coach working with clients since 2013 (trained in CTI principles, the largest Coach Training organization in the world), always with a keen focus on the empowerment of women, especially women who identify with my quirkyalone concept of not settling
  • Seasoned Internet entrepreneur with a successful exit in Silicon Valley (my cofounder and I sold our company in 9 months). I left Silicon Valley behind to return to writing and help others as a life coach.
  • Female sexuality expert with years of study on everything from tantra and Taoism to female orgasm and emotional intimacy.Though I grew up in a rather Puritanical place–Rhode Island–I have always been fascinated by sex and sexual life force energy.
  • Creator of pussywalking, a mindfulness practice tapping into the power of female sexual anatomy
  • In 2004, I published Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics (Harper SanFrancisco), a book that launched a movement to support humans to not settle in life or love, and know one’s own worth regardless of relationship status. Quirkyalone received attention everywhere from CNN with Anderson Cooper to NPR and the London Guardian and The New York Times
  • I also wrote To-Do List: From Buying Milk to Finding a Soul Mate, What Our Lists Reveal About Us. (Simon & Schuster)  If you’re a listmaker you’ll be at home with me.
  • College took me to New York City, where I studied history at Columbia University and started publishing in newspapers and magazines.
  • After college I drove cross-country and settled in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly two decades.
  • When I was 35, I fell in love with Brazil. Brazil led me to Colombia and Argentina. I lived five years in Buenos Aires immersed in tango. I LOVE languages and speak French, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Tango addict + lover of life, who will never stop exploring personal growth and healing for herself and her clients, and is usually reading five books at a time.

It’s never too late or to early to Get Wet


My clients range in ages from twentysomething to sixtysomething, married and single and everything in between. It’s never too late or too early to Get Wet. Every age is welcome.

The best part about working via Skype (or Whatsapp) is that you can live anywhere and talk from the comfort of your own home or office. We find a time that works for both of us.

I’ve worked with many ambitious, heady women who want to connect with their bodies and use that connection for their growth.

  • Entrepreneurs + business owners
  • Management consultant
  • Investment Bankers
  • Engineers
  • College professors
  • Diversity and inclusion consultant
  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Diplomats
  • Doulas
  • Teachers
  • Branding people
  • Designers

telling you my struggles with playing with my sexy side and having you both understand and support me in it, has just blown my mind. It seems so personal and so central. It seems to have unleashed a sense of possibilities and power.

"“I appreciate all the knowledge you bring to conversations about sexuality! I still have a lot of negative energy pent up from years of shame and disappointment around inability to masturbate/orgasm You are helping me work through that to find my own way of connecting with myself and my partner."

Stephanie Rawson

"“The journey of coaching with Sasha has been amazing. I can’t thank you enough for expanding my understanding of sex, sexuality, and sensuality.“

–Laura, Canada

Want to Get Wet?

How to Apply

This is a very intimate opportunity to work closely with me and Wanda in a structured program; there is limited capacity because the work is so personal. We dedicate time and care to you in and out of the sessions and lessons. 

Fill out this application so we can learn more about you and what you want to focus on. 

If it sounds like there’s at least an 85% chance we are a good fit we’ll schedule a time to talk for 30 minutes as an initial consultation to talk about you finding your wet and what that means for you. We’ll assess together whether to work together–and if so dive in!

6-month program with Sasha includes

  • 2 1-hour calls with Sasha per month. Think of it as therapy-plus-action-and-new-tools-and-skills-learning.
  • Creation of personalized “playwork” that will keep you growing, moving, and getting things done between calls 
  • Email support between sessions
  • Wet curriculum designed for you based on your goals.
  • Tools chosen for you based on your situation and needs. These are only tested tools that I use myself and have shared with hundreds of clients. 

Add tango with Wanda

  • 2 private 1-hour tango lessons per month in weeks when you don’t meet with Sasha.
  • Sasha will talk with Wanda to design your tango program specifically for you based on the issues that come up through coaching.
  • Tango education in culture, music, philosophy, and culture, designed specifically for you and your needs to help you shine at the milonga


  • 6-month personalized coaching program. $5,000 if paid in full, or $999 per month. 
  • With private tango lessons,  $6,000 paid in full, or $1165 per month. 

Limited sliding-scale scholarships available for those below an income threshold. Inquire within.

This six-month program will be intensive and life-changing, and it’s expected that you will continue to grow for the rest of your life. Being human means you will always have new challenges and places to grow. Many clients stay with me after the conclusion of the program for maintenance support. I become a trusted advisor and second brain in your life. As long as there’s room and if you wish, you’ll have the option to continue to receive maintenance support as a Getting Wet graduate at a reduced cost.



Want to Get Wet?