my birthday mug from brilliant quirky Liz Worthy

Could I be any luckier on my birthday? My birthday triplet Liz Worthy and her equally creative twin Sonya Worthy share my birthday; it is very awesome to share a birthday with good friends. We have been celebrating together since 2004. This year, Liz, a brilliant ceramicist made me and Sonya mugs. She arranged for the waiter to bring mine to me with the Earl Gray tea I ordered at our birthday dinner. I screamed in response! This mug brings together three parts of who I am: 100% tangoawesomeness (in love with tango), 100% gluten-free (because I have celiac disease and am 100% committed to my health) and 100% quirkyalone (while also 100% wanting a serious long-term relationship in my life). With “love” in the middle of the Venn Diagram, adding up to 100% me at the bottom. Thank you Liz! You rock beyond words! Everyone should get such a cool mug on their birthday. So happy to have friends like Liz and Sonya to share my birthday. Check out Liz’s fabulous work here.