In your Tango Adventure you will have a Tango Fairygodmother (or father) to help make your tango dreams come true. We matchmake you with the right TFG for you based on our phone interview.


Tango Fairygodfather + Taxi Dancer


Tango Fairygodmother + Tango Teacher


Tango Fairygodmother

Watch our Tango Fairygodmother video 

Your Tango Fairygodmother/Father (TFG) will be a very important person for your Tango Adventure. Sasha created this role for you because she knows how essential it is to have someone support you in the milongas. Your Tango Fairygodmother/father will help you meet people, dance and learn the culture and codes in the milongas. 

Every TFG has been chosen because they are amazing at doing all this for and with you.

Milongas are the sacred places where tango is danced in Buenos Aires. Milongas are full of rituals and codes to create the sense of entering another world. Going with your Tango Fairygodmother/father will help you understand the behaviors and codes (for the invitation, where to change your shoes, etc.), feel more comfortable and grow your confidence to dance. 

Going to the milonga with your TFG, you’ll instantly be part of the “tango culture group” in the birthplace of the dance. In any city, it can be hard to break into a new dance scene and start dancing when no one knows you. Going with your Tango Fairygodmother or father gets you in and meeting people–and on the dance floor faster.

Through this unique program only created and only available to Solo Chicas you will:

  • Have a Skype chat before your trip so your Tango Fairygodmother can get to know you and your expectations and hopes for the trip. The TFG then customizes a milonga itinerary for you, your level, age and preferences for time (late night or early evening) and style (alternative or traditional) while also alerting you to cool and exciting things that may be happening in Buenos Aires’ tango scene the week you come.
  • Have a coffee date when you arrive to go over your custom milonga itinerary together and talk about the things you will be exploring through tango
  • Go to three milongas together during your week
  • During  your milonga outings, your Tango Fairygodmother or Father will lead you through the course we have created to accompany your Adventure. This magical personal development course created by Sasha is called Confidence, Boundaries and Sensuality through Tango. Each night you go to a milonga you will be searching out these elements in yourself and the other dances by searching for “the look,” “the embrace” and “the walk” (including the pussywalk!). Everything in the course is designed to help you find what tango has to teach you … through the dance and your body.