Are you going through a divorce or breakup?

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When you go through a divorce or a breakup, you are going through a big transition from “we” to “me.” You’re finding yourself as an individual again and you’re probably wondering, when am I going to find my new “normal” and what is that going to look like?

Self-care plays an integral role in your ability to move forward during or after a divorce (or a breakup) in a healthy manner.

When you work with me, you have an ally who will help you get through this in the fastest, most growthful and productive way while also honoring the pain you are going through and getting the support to create the life you are free to create now because you’re taking this brave step to say–I’m not settling. Not anymore.

We work on getting clarity about who you are now and what you want, dating/relationships/sexuality post-divorce, finding your fun, meaning, pleasure and purpose, self-worth, self-respect, and feeling good.

We also look at the intersection of emotional issues, self-worth, and negotiation for a fair divorce settlement. It’s very important that you don’t give in to guilt or shame on issues that will have an impact on your life for years to come.

Coaching offer you an alternative to therapy that can still go deep to understand past and present patterns while helping you to create an action plan and baby steps toward the new life you are creating post-divorce.

We look at:

  • Healing the past relationship so you can be free to move on
  • Grief at the loss of a dream and sadness at finding yourself alone
  • What you want in your life going forward in all areas
  • Standing up for yourself in negotiations so you can negotiate better for a fair settlement without excessive guilt or shame.
  • Getting clear about who you want to be and what you want for your life going forward

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