My Fifteen Minutes of Fame in 7 x 7 Magazine

by | Jun 6, 2008 | Interviews | 2 comments



  1. Vanessa

    This is awesome! Congrats on the success; this could have never happened if you hadn’t been so brave to go it alone. Kudos to you and all that you have inspired!

  2. Shani

    I actually thought the movie was a PSA on why not to get married.

    Sure Charlotte was happy, but she was freaking out about when her happiness would end.

    Then you have Miranda, who is obviously mismatched with Steve, who I personally feel that she was a little too harsh with.

    Sure he was wrong, but she had to realize that you can only say NO so many times to before the other person becomes unhappy.

    Samantha was her usual self, although I did think she freaked out about the sushi a bit much. She shouldn’t have strung the guy along, and she should’ve just done her from the beginning.

    Louise (Jennifer Hudson) was a major disappointment to me. She was still obsessing over an ex that she broke up with an entire YEAR ago, and he clearly told her that she was not the one.

    Yet she moves, to an entire city alone, just to look for the one. And ends up seeing her ex at a party and getting engaged. WTF?

    I think Carrie should have stayed single. I think that after Big did what he did to her, she was slowly getting her life back together, she got her apartment back and better, and we were seeing her heal and become normal again.

    Then she messed it up with a pair of shoes. BOOOOO!

    And I am a Sex and the City fan, but I would have rather had Carrie, Samantha, and maybe even Miranda, end up single in this movie.


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