Introducing Pussywalking™! It’s Like Feminism But You Feel It In Your Body

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One of my guy friends wrote me this week, “OMG, you really put yourself out there! Nicely produced I might add!” Well, he was right. This was a big week for me when I overcame a huge block of fear by releasing the pussywalking videos I’ve been working on for more than a year.

I wrote Jeff back, “Thanks for noticing that! It took me months to get up the courage to share this in Facebook!” He said, “Don’t blame you!” And I said, “Somewhere in this there was a point of no return feeling. Like I am just not a normal person anymore.”

Now I am that woman who launches online pussywalking campaigns, and believe me, that’s a far distance to come for the girl who grew up in Rhode Island, a state where most people never talked about sex out loud. Now I’m publicly associated with using the word “pussy” online and coining the term “pussywalking.”

But hey, if 45 can talk about pussygrabbing, I can talk about pussywalking, right?

So here I am sharing “pussywalking” with you and if we were together in the same room you would see both how uncomfortable and excited I would be to have this conversation.

My own discovery of pussywalking has changed how I walk in the world and now that I am sharing online I hear more diverse and amazing stories about how this helps many different women.

In fact, pussywalking has deep connections with mindfulness, and ancient practices such as yoga, tantra, Chinese medicine, and kundalini. People have long known that the womb region is a huge source of energetic power.

The #metoo movement has now been going on for over a year so this feels like the perfect time to release the pussywalking concept. Pussywalking is a modern way to reclaim your sexual power.

Where Did Pussywalking Come From?

The full story of my discovery of pussywalking is in my memoir-in-progress Wet (in fact there is currently a chapter called “Pussywalking”).

I started my own pussywalking practice back in 2012 and for a long time I used pussywalking in my everyday life when walking around my neighborhood for a mood lift. I started to share the idea here and there with individual women I met at entrepreneurship and storytelling conferences and then with my coaching clients. If I heard a woman’s story and felt she could use the confidence boost of pussywalking I would tell her, “I want to share something with you.”

In the following years I left the Bay Area tech world and transitioned to Buenos Aires to focus on writing my next book, coaching, and the Tango Adventure. Teaching pussywalking in the Tango Adventure felt like a no-brainer (pussywalking is definitely what the best female tango dancers do!) but it still took courage to teach.

In the Tango Goddess workshops, some of the women looked eager, some of them looked deeply uncomfortable as if I had brought up a word we are not supposed to say out loud. It’s not quite acceptable in middle-class culture to speak the word “vagina’–let alone “pussy”!

I took a deep breath and told them my story of discovering the power of the pussywalk on the way to a job interview, and how I found that putting attention on my pussy gave me a confident glow and helped me nail the negotiation and get the job.

“This pussywalk is something any woman can do,” I would explain. “It’s simple. You walk, and put your attention on your center point and see how that affects your walk. Men have their cocky walk. We say that cocky means confident, right? What do women have? We have our pussywalk. But no one tells you to walk with your attention on your vagina.”

Pussywalking–it’s like feminism but you feel it in your body! Every single woman who has learned pussywalking with me looks different to some extent when she does her pussywalk.  Some walk slower. Some have better posture. Some of them look softer, a bit more present. They look more proud of being women.

From Bashful Teacher to  Pussywalking-Evangelist

I was content to share pussywalking in a personal, one-on-one way with those who work with me as clients because hey, I was born in New England. I wasn’t that keen to get on the Internet to talk about pussy-anything. But then along came Cinthia Pacheco.

Cinthia organizes a Women in Business Buenos Aires Meetup and helps women entrepreneurs with marketing. Cinthia came to a Tango Goddess Workshop and she loved pussywalking. She started sending me audio messages on Facebook the next day about how she had shared it with her best friend who lives in Texas and the best friend asked for a YouTube video link, assuming there was one.

Cinthia encouraged me to make a few simple pussywalking videos talking to my iPhone. She really wanted me to spread the gospel of pussywalking to more women. Maybe I would have made the simple videos that but at the time I was getting to know Tan Kurttekin, a brilliant Turkish cinematographer. Tan told me he wanted to do a project with me and we set out to do something more ambitious together.

Tan and I made two pussywalking videos for you over the last year.

What’s the Reception So Far?

In a word, incredible.

I am loving the diversity of the responses so far.

Here’s what one woman Monica wrote me this week, “It’s really good timing Sasha. I have decided to get my breast implants removed hopefully in December. I got them when I was 31 because I felt so self-conscious and unfeminine. Now I am feeling strongly to go back to my small flat chest again.

It’s been a total mindshift and there is part of me that knows I may experience a feeling of loss in some way, however practicing pussywalking before/after surgery may help with this transition. I want to focus on my health and well-being this year. When I was walking by windows on my profile I was focusing on my breasts. Now I can shift that focus elsewhere.”

You can read about other’s women’s experiences with pussywalking on the official page.

I would love for you to share the videos online and with any woman you think will benefit.

How to share:

Three ways, choose yours.

1) Grab the two-minute intro video on my Facebook author page and share it on Facebook

2) Share the video directly from YouTube

3) Of course you can share this post or the newsletter it comes in too!

Next-level Have a pussywalking party and share the video with friends to try out pussywalking together. You’ll see an example of a pussywalking party in the longer video.

Today is a big day because I’m finally releasing these pussywalking videos into the world. I am so nervous/thrilled/don’t-know-what-to-think.

After you try it, share your story with me.

And be sure to sign up for the pussylist to get further instruction and inspiration because although pussywalking is easy it takes practice and encouragement.

Watch here.

Sign up for the pussylist.

Be sure to sign up for this list to get further inspiration, stories of how women use pussywalking and to be part of the pussywalking movement.

Want to learn pussywalking live and in the flesh?

Join us for the next Tango Adventure in Buenos Aires where we teach pussywalking in the Tango Goddess Workshop.


  1. Batt Johnson

    Hello Sasha:
    First I just want to laugh. Hahahahahahahahaha! Now, I want to say that I don’t really know how I want to start this message. I am so happy I ran into your materials last year, but I am happier that I actually met you. I think you came to the milonga that Monday night because you trusted me. (maybe) Whatever. I loved your concept of Pussywalking when I first heard of it and I am really happy for you and proud of you that you have actually launched it.
    I remember being in two different tango classes held by what I would consider “high-level” professional female tango teachers from Argentina. On these two separate occasions, they encouraged women to move with their vaginas. Since I loved and respected these two women so much, I knew this idea was very powerful, individual and renewable. Unlike thoughts, ideas, concepts, feelings and emotions, the pussy will always be there. Learning to tap into its useful energy as a resource, I am certain, will be very empowering. Wow! Congratulations to you. Not only do you have a pussy, you’ve got BALLS!
    Batt Johnson,
    author of the new book, “Tango Intoxication”

    • Sasha Cagen

      Thanks Batt! I only have to say, not only do I have a pussy, I also have ovaries! But I will take the balls compliment too! Certainly it took all my courage to put these pussywalking videos out into the world.

      I also have heard many tango teachers over the years instruct women to walk with their vaginas–one of my very first tango teachers, a man, told me so in Colombia when I was starting. That story is going to be in my book Wet. Sometimes tango teachers tell women to walk with their vaginas by framing the lesson in clinical terms – like, “it’s like sucking up a tampon” but I prefer to go all out and teach women to walk with their pussy to take advantage of the pleasure and sensuality connotations and feelings because tango is all about feeling.

      And yes to this: “Unlike thoughts, ideas, concepts, feelings and emotions, the pussy will always be there.”

      Look forward to our next dance!

  2. Paula Prober

    Sasha. You are amazing. And so brave. Pussywalking includes both your sense of humor and your passion for making a difference. And your videos are professional as well. Appreciate your using women of all ages. You go, girl!

    • Sasha Cagen

      Thanks so much Paula! Thanks for noting the age diversity. It was really important for me in the “casting” to include women of all ages. Pussywalking is for all women and girls: millenial, xennial, gen-x, boomer, and whatever category they are going to invent next!

  3. Elizabeth

    YES!! YES!!! YES!!!!

    sooooooo Important! Thank you, and MORE please!

    • Sasha Cagen

      More is on the way dear Elizabeth! Let’s see about the pussywalking we can cook up in Rhode Island!

  4. Meg Amor

    Aloha Sasha. :-). It’s Meg the Kiwi here. I met you in San Fran. 🙂

    This PW is fantastic!! Love it.

    I tried my normal walk and I noticed I walk ‘frumpily ‘ and slightly robotically. Just getting through it – so to speak. I clomp and feel old.

    When I did the PW – I slowed down, I got movement in my hips but not in a stripper way. Lol. More in a way of having natural movement in my body. Opening up something I can’t quite put my finger on yet. But REALLY good. I felt more feminine and confident. There was a flow in my energy I haven’t felt for a long time. AmAzing you. As always for coming up with this. :-).

    Loved the video. And the way you share things like this. You always inspire me. And yes PW reminders would be fantastic.

    The eggplant sizing was interesting but makes sense. When we are first developing as babies in the womb – we are neither male nor female. But our sexual organs come from the same set of materials. They just develop differently.

    Males are mostly externally grown. Even the penis is not the whole organ you see in front. It extends all the way back under the balls. And if you popped that whole organ inside the body – you would have your eggplant and ovaries. The tip of a penis is the tip of the clit.

    And for men – yes. Love that analogy. The cocky walk. :-). While their ‘power’ might be on the outside. We women have the same power on the inside. We’re just not used to thinking of ourselves as powerful.

    So this PW is beyond brilliant. I couldn’t believe how differently I felt. And even now – lying back in bed and typing this – my posture feels different. My attitude is confident and I feel lighter.

    THANK YOU!!! :-).

    And here is one last silly pilot joke we pilots use. When you have an all male crew it’s called a cockpit. When it’s an all female flight crew – it’s called the box office. :-). Only 6% of pilots are women – and I always salute us as pilots. It’s still a heavily dominated male field.

    But that aside. This is brilliant. I’ll be trying this out in various situations and seeing how I feel. And also what happens. You – as always – are mucho inspirational. Hugs and aloha Meg. :-).

  5. Shiau

    I really am happy to have seen this because I felt like I was the only person who thought about it. Embracing all parts of yourself and especially the pussy makes you feel good and look good. But having so many people reference it negatively just made me also want to distance myself. I am glad someone is changing the image of pussy.

    • Sasha Cagen

      Absolutely! “Embracing all parts of yourself and especially the pussy makes you feel good and look good.” Love what you said here Shiau.


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