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 Leadership and Executive Coaching  

 You love your career but don’t love the way it eats up your life.

You want to unleash your unique contribution, while you also actively avoid (or heal from) burnout.  It can be lonely at the top. You want someone you can talk to you can trust, someone who gets it.

As an executive coach, I focus on helping highly accomplished women 40+ to do their best work and create the lives they really want. I do this by helping you get out of your head and into your body with scientifically-backed (and life-changing) tools. 

My clients are often high-achieving people-pleasers–or perfectionists. I help them go from cycles of disconnection, exhaustion, and burnout, to intentionally living a fulfilling life without sacrificing success.

My coaching has supported clients to launch companies, create award-winning films, negotiate deals, cultivate supportive work cultures and work-life balance.  My philosophy is that success isn’t just about how you appear or what you do. It’s about how you feel. You need to feel turned-on–personally and professionally–to do your best work.

We cover topics including:

  • Getting clarity on the next moves in your career and your life that feel authentically exciting 
  • Dialing into your greatest contribution for a natural upward trajectory in your career 
  • Developing work-life balance, delegation skills, and self-care routines that allow you to have a wildly fulfilling personal life and do your best work
  • Refining your authentic leadership style and becoming the fullest, most spontaneous and alive version of yourself, so you speak up in meetings without hesitation 
  • Building confidence in being and expressing yourself, whether in the boardroom, on Zoom, or at the beach

This coaching program dives into both career and personal development. Our work together will be holistic, confidential, vulnerable, boundary-pushing, transformative, and gentle, all at the same time. 

Each program teaches you the skills I have found to be most transformative and useful for high-achieving women, and is also bespoke, based on your unique needs.

Sometimes companies will pay for coaching from a professional development budget, because it will help them retain their top talent, and they want you to succeed.

About me   

My name is Sasha Cagen and I’m a serial entrepreneur and start-up co-founder myself. That is to say, I get it. I’ve been a woman in Silicon Valley where I ran teams and published books, and I chose to leave it all behind for a different life in South America.

I spent five years living in Buenos Aires studying and teaching tango, writing another book, and leading women’s empowerment tango retreats. During these week-long courses, I used the dance form to help women tap into their passion and sensuality, as well as feel more empowered as they walk through the world.

Upon return to the US, motivated by my own experiences (told in my forthcoming memoir WET), I became a life and leadership coach. As more top-talent women came to me, I decided to focus on serving the sort of high-powered women who made up my circle back in my Silicon Valley days.

My methods have been written up in publications like Vogue and the New York Times. My books have gotten me in conversation with Anderson Cooper on CNN and on “All Things Considered” on NPR.

I’m currently based in the Boston area. I work with clients all over the world through the magic of the Internet.

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Kelly Macias

Working with Sasha as a coach has been really important and transformative for me, and I have worked with other coaches before. Something about Sasha’s style and experience as a tango dancer, as someone who wants women to be empowered, happy and comfortable with who they are is really unique and important. I can’t imagine not having worked with her. You will learn things about yourself and feel glad you did it. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about working with Sasha to give it a try, you will learn all kinds of things about yourself that will change your world.”–Kelly Macias, Chief Talent Officer,  Los Angeles  

I have worked with a number of coaches, but Sasha is at the top my list. I love Sasha’s “Quirkyalone” and “Wet” constructs. Her approach is distinctive, modern, passionate. She is intuitive, funny, and wise beyond her years. she assigns just the right amount of “playwork” to keep you processing and exploring between sessions. Sasha cares about her clients deeply. Best of all, the objectives you choose to achieve are met—and in my case—exceeded.”–Carrie Branovan, Brand Director and Entrepreneur, Wisconsin

“It was just after my 40th birthday when I realized that I need some professional help to guide me, to revisit my priorities. And I am so glad I have found Sasha! I like how my thoughts and questions that I am raising during our discussions turn into “playwork,” and how this work becomes a big part of my life. It is like re-discovering the authentic, true me and my desires. It is such a relief and feels so healthy! Sasha is the best investment I have done so far for myself. I love how our high-quality conversations help me to build my quality life. She effortlessly guided me to find my own, unique happiness, optimism and strengths, and I am planning to stick to those forever!“—Ewa Wybieralska, Senior Project Manager in Pharma-Oncology, Boston

Can I help you?   

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