Executive/Leadership Coaching

Helping you own it 

Looking for support to figure out what’s next, own your story, or develop your leadership? I specialize in helping brilliant women step into their power and own “it,” whatever “it” is for you. Wondering if we might be a match?


Leadership + Executive Coaching

What can we focus on through executive or leadership coaching?

No two people or situations are exactly the same. When we begin, I conduct an assessment of your strengths, challenges, and goals before advising on strategy and the path forward. Every coaching program is personalized to you and your needs.

Most women leaders that I work with are reactive, acting as if they are in a pinball machine in response to the needs of others (business, family, etc.) with little time for themselves. Through our work together I help you to become the center of your own universe, still connected with and helping others, but also clear about your own needs and desires.

Here are some things in the professional and personal realms we can choose to work on.

Stepping out of the frenetic pace of life and taking time to prioritize reflection and personal time so you can focus on what really matters for you

Empowered negotiation and clear communication to express what you want (including role plays where I play key stakeholders and give you feedback)

Getting clear on what's next for you (career pivots, new ventures, etc.) in a way that brings you back to your authentic essence

Personal branding and owning your story without shame or fear

Help with creative projects (films, books, etc.)


My Backstory

Before becoming a life and executive coach in 2011, I worked in diverse fields. I co-founded a Silicon Valley social media startup and sold it within nine months. I published books with HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster. I also published my own print magazine that garnered attention on NPR.

Working in Silicon Valley burned me out so much that I ran away to South America. That dramatic decision led to six years spent living abroad in Buenos Aires and starting a new company, combining the empowering lessons of Argentine tango with executive and life coaching.

I currently work as a Core Guide for Chief, a private membership network dedicated to supporting women executive leaders. In my private practice supporting women entrepreneurs, founders, and executives, I bring together a unique set of body-mind tools to help you do the inner work to reconnect to your core self and lead with authentic female strength.

I also have a keen sense of “message,” how to create a compelling story that gets noticed to help you get attention for your work.

I’m currently based in the Boston area. I work with clients all over the world.

Here are some reasons why clients choose to work with me for executive and leadership coaching:

Bringing a woman's perspective and guidance on leadership

A hybrid of life and executive coaching that helps you to do the inner work to succeed and find inner fulfillment

My unique background combining PR, writing, publishing, and entrepreneurs helps with personal branding and projects

My focus on the body and stepping into your power and executive presence through "pussywalking," which can help in negotiation, public speaking, and meetings