What does a typical executive or life coaching session look like?

I’ll be asking you lots of questions at the start of our coaching process to help us get clear about what you really want to achieve. From there our sessions will be dedicated to helping you get there. As we articulate your goals, we will be creating action plans to help you get there, but we will also talking about what’s been holding you back. If it was so easy to do what you wanted to do, you would have done it already! Big changes will be broken down into the baby steps.

Along the way I will be teaching you cognitive and body-mind tools that you will be able to use going forward to keep yourself on track. You’ll have the benefit of being accountable to me with your playwork, and you will also be building self-trust and leadership that will extend beyond the time we work together.

I don’t follow any scripts or formulas because I believe each person is unique. I’ll be observing you closely, telling you patterns I notice, and teaching you the self-coaching tools and skills I believe will most benefit you. I will also personally recommend a book a month targeted for exactly what you need to learn–call it bibliotherapy.

I steer clear of lecturing/advice giving as well as being a passive listener. I am very honest with you and I ask you to be very honest with me. I ask you thought-provoking questions, give you a lot of support through the process. You’ll get a much better sense of my style and approach in the initial consult.

How do we meet?

We will generally do our sessions by phone (or Whatsapp). If we are working on something that requires me to see your body language, we might do one or two video sessions via Zoom.

I am based in Providence, Rhode Island (US), and Buenos Aires, Argentina. I work with people all over the world. We find a time that works for us both.  

What is your training?

My coach training was done at CTI, the largest coach-training institute in the world, a model based on the belief that we are all naturally creative, resourceful and whole—completely capable of finding our own answers to whatever challenges we face. I bring this philosophy to our sessions, always using my intuition to help find the solutions that are inside of you.

Since doing my foundational coach training in 2011 and 12, I have done ongoing continual education in personal development and healing, in both cognitive and somatic paths for change. The fastest and most effective route for deep and lasting change happens when we engage both your mind and your body. Interoception is the technical term for listening to your body. Working with me help you to hone your ability to listen to your body to live in your truth.

These include female sexuality, including Tantra and Taoism (which are inherently respectful of female sexuality), trauma healing, somatic narrative, Nonviolent Communication, “thoughtwork” as developed by Brooke Castillo, the “Work” of Byron Katie, the emotional roots of chronic pain (the work of Dr. John Sarno and Alan Gordon), expressive and affirmative writing as researched by James Pennebacher, and feminist trends in coaching.

My training also includes ten years of study of tango, mostly in Buenos Aires. I use the lessons of tango with clients who are interested in taking a transformative path through dance and movement.

Finally, I draw on my experience in the publishing industry and my many years as an entrepreneur starting my own businesses and working in Silicon Valley to help you as a sounding board if you are in business or writing.

I graduated from Columbia University with a degree in American Studies (a mix of history, sociology, and women’s studies). I speak Spanish, French, and Portuguese fluently, though I tend to speak in English with most clients.

Will I give you homework?

Yes, but we call it playwork to make it fun. It’s important to know the goal is not necessarily to get the playwork right immediately, but to learn and gain insight from what comes up in the process.

I see a lot of talk about women's bodies on your website with pussywalking, etc. Do you work with men?

Yes. The majority of my clients are women but I also work with men and people who identify as non-binary. If it’s a fit, it’s a fit.

Will you learn new things about yourself?


Will we laugh?

Yes. I expect so.

What's the first step?

The first step is to fill out this form.

Are we meant to work together? I rely on magic to bring me together with the women (and men) that I coach. We find out through a free, no-obligation 30- to 40-minute call.

I will ask you questions to better understand what you want to achieve through coaching and assess whether I can help. You will get clarity and insight from the conversation. I have no doubt!

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