Client Achievements

Is there work for us to do together?

Some life + leaderhsip coaches focus on helping people with just one thing. My focus is on the person and what they want. Usually it’s going to have to do with confidence, empowerment, getting clear about what you want and then we “hack” the way forward for you to get there, which will be unique for you.

There is no one-sized-fits-all approach, though there are plenty of commonalities among my clients. I appreciate each person’s individuality (aka their oddities and uniqueness). 

I tend to work with more about helping quirky, smart 40+ women (and some self-aware men). You will learn tools and skills along the way to serve you for the rest of your life.

I sat back and reflected on the hundreds of clients I have worked with over the last 12 years. Here are a few great stories from our work.

  • Helping a female founder grow beyond tendencies of being “too nice” that were holding her back from success in building a socially-oriented business–becoming more assertive, honest, and direct in fundraising appeals and negotiations within a male-dominated industry of manufacturing partners
  • Helping a woman in her early forties grow beyond people-pleasing tendencies to become more assertive in dating relationships and powerful at work after growing up in a culture that encouraged female passivity
  • Helping a woman fresh from divorce rediscovering her sexuality and her sensuality in an empowerment way that reinforces the idea that becoming more empowered sexually helps in other parts of life too
  • A married woman who was on the verge of divorce developed a goddess ritual to honor her body as it is now, and to enjoy it from the inside out as she made big decisions for a new job, new city, new life
  • Helping a therapist integrate alternative practices and ideas into her marketing to be more fully herself
  • Assisting a woman in getting a promotion in a department where no one had been promoted in years
  • A fiftysomething lawyer discovering new powerful parts of herself through dance and developing a bold new personality to make things happen in her personal life
  • Supporting the launch of an interior design business
  • Helping a retired man in his early 60s free himself from crippling self-talk and open up to dating
  • Support for negotiating a divorce settlement for child support without guilt – and getting a far better settlement as a result
  • Taking a three-month sabbatical in Europe after 20 years at the same job . She is the first one in her company to take advantage of this benefit for long-term employees.
  • Helping a woman writer publish an op-ed in Newsweek about the emotional impact of January 6 for African-American residents of DC
  • Negotiating the terms of jobs to provide enough time for creative side projects
  • Helping a woman meet her spouse and get married after being single for years.
  • Helping a woman get clear about what she really wanted in her life after a relationship ended
  • Helping numerous women, single and married, marry themselves as a ritual of soul commitment to themselves with vows of self-love and self-worth
  • Learning to navigate the confusion in the world of online app dating and make dating fun again

Inspired by these stories? Are you wondering if we have work to do together?

If you’re wondering if we have work to do together, check in to see if I have availability for new clients. The first step is clicking the button and telling me about you.