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Exploring what it’s like to be a free woman.  Single, married, everything in between. Written and curated by Quirkyalone author + life coach Sasha Cagen 

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I’m feeling numb. How are you doing?

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sasha Cagen (@sashacagen) Hey! I am showing up today with a simple question, How are you doing? I made this quick, spontaneous video in the wake of some big news here in the U.S. For readers who live elsewhere, we found...

I Was Named for my Ukrainian Great-Grandmother

People often ask me about my name. Sasha is a nickname for Alexandra. "How do you get that?" people ask. "It's a Russian diminutive for Alexander or Alexandra, that's my official name." I grew up during the Cold War, and the boys in elementary school made fun of me as...


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