Quirkyalone in the New York Times

There’s a new singles website on the block, and it’s not about dating. It’s called SingleEdition and the New York Times ran a quick–and really interesting–profile on it and the market for advertising to singles today. The reporter interviewed me about what it takes to build an effective website that caters to singles (that’s not purely solely focused on dating). Read all about it here.

StyleMobbing in the Chronicle

I’m a co-founder of an Internet startup called StyleMob, a social networking site dedicated to making the world a more stylish place, one person at a time.¬¨‚Ć Here’s a piece the SF Chronicle published about us . . .¬¨‚Ć we are currently seeking angel investors who intuitively understand the possibilities of a site organized around personal style (somehow there’s a disconnect between tech and fashion in Silicon Valley!). So if you know anyone who would like to find out more about this opportunity email me. . .