Reconnect to your sensuality in Brazil

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Relax, reconnect to yourself + other women while you build your confidence in the most sensual-positive culture there is: Brazil. . .

Do you feel like you need to lose weight to feel sexy or good about yourself?

Do you feel disconnected from your body, your sensuality and your sexuality because you’re moving so fast in life and your sensuality and pleasure is the last thing on your list?

Come away and slow down with us to take a new approach.

The Sensuality + Self-Love Adventure in Brazil is a self-love + confidence retreat focused on sisterhood, sensuality + sexuality.

Here’s what you will achieve on this women’s retreat in nature in Brazil:

  • Open up and reconnect to your sexuality and sensuality in a non-judgmental space where we get to be real and share our experiences as women. Discover  what “wet” means for you
  • Reconnect to your radiance, sensuality + sexuality, build your confidence without losing weight or Botox, just as you are now
  • Make new + supportive friendships with other adventurous women
  • Go to gorgeous beaches, dive in incredible natural waterfalls, and come out to listen to and dance to local samba music
  • Get an introduction to Brazilian culture, music and dance from Natalia, a local from Florianopolis, and Sasha, a Brazilphile!
  • Learn about how “anyone can be sexy with the right walk”–you’ll learn the “pussy walk”!

You will also get to do a boudoir-in-nature photo session with Natalia in the jungle. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Here are photos from Natalia’s own boudoir shoots—incredible.


The Body-Positive Adventure in Brazil is an investment in your health and well-being. As Christine Northrup, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and Goddesses Never Age writes, “Sustainable pleasure is the ultimate prescription for good health.”

We will send you home with incredible photos of your unique sexiness in the jungle, beautiful memories, new connections, and a commitment to living with more pleasure at home.

Why I created this experience for you

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Co-led by Sasha + Natalia, a Floripa native + photographer

Natalia is a dear friend I made back in 2010 when I began my six-month adventure in Brazil with language school in Florianopolis.

Natalia is a family photographer who recently turned her attention to photographing women. . . she has a mission of helping women embrace their own beauty at any size. Her business is Cura Fotagrafia Feminina. She’s started to offer a new package: boudoir photography in nature to help women embrace themselves and their beauty—exactly as they are now.

Natalia says: “Today, in my life, I feel very clearly that my purpose is to show to women that it’s OK to feel great and beautiful the way you are. No matter your age, color, size, shape or any other detail that you want to add to this list. Because, believe me, when I say any other detail, I know how long this list can go I believe this kind of photo shoot can help you to understand yourself better. It’s all connected. Once you make peace with yourself and your body, you also start to fell good in your mind and soul.”

Why I created this Self-love + Sensuality Adventure in Brazil

I always wanted to lead a retreat in Brazil because Brazil had given me so much. Brazil has THE most body-positive (and sensuality-positive) culture I’ve ever encountered. It has a special vibe that will rub off on you. For example, Brazil is where I first wore a bikini, first learned to own and accept my body, and where I became convinced of my own beauty. There is a love, warmth, positivity, and care in Brazilians, especially for foreigners, that is very special.

Simply being in Brazil, I believe, can have an effect on you too. The culture of Brazil combined with the special safety and intimacy we create in this retreat makes the experience both gentle–and powerful.

Watch Natalia and I talk about the Boudoir in the Jungle Experience and why you should come

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The place

We will be staying at the ecolodge Pousada Sitio dos Tucanos — check out all the amazing photos of this place here and here in the south part of the island, where the beaches are the most unspoiled and the vibe is most tranquil.

Here is how the bed and breakfast is described on ” Boasting wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean, this guest house is located between the green hills and the sea in Florianópolis’s Pantano do Sul district, on the Santa Catarina island.

Surrounded by charming creeks, exotic birds, and rainforest trails, the Pousada Sítio dos Tucanos makes a truly relaxing holiday base. After helping yourself to a freshly prepared breakfast buffet, explore the island’s beautiful beaches, or simply relax in the Pousada’s garden and outdoor pool.

Here’s what a UK traveler who left this review on said about where we will stay: “Pretty much everything 🙂 the place is very special. Tucked away in a southern corner of the island (Florianopolis), this pousada (bed and breakfast) is set on the tenderly looked after large plot of land where the tropical forest meets a semi-wild garden 🙂 … in other words, if you stay there you will get not only calmer and cleaner beaches than most of the island but also an experience of it’s nature first hand. It’s like moving to Kew Gardens with birds paradise. If you stay there, you will be dependant on the local buses but will get so much more in return. Staff are very friendly and knowledgable, and the atmosphere is excellent.”

The food

Everything we eat is fresh, healthy, gluten-free, and prepared with love.

Your coach and guide Sasha has celiac, so the food is gluten-free by necessity.

We eat lots of fish, and there are options for vegetarians. Breakfast is basically to die for. 🙂


 Cinthia talks about her Brazil Adventure


We will announce the next dates soon. Be sure to get on the list to be notified!

LIMITED SPACES! This is a very special intimate experience.


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