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Hi! I’m Sasha Cagen, a women’s empowerment coach, author, and tango-obsessed world-traveler. 

I’ve built a life coaching practice based on my deepest convictions and passions. I help smart, creative women move from disempowering, fear-based narratives about themselves back into personal empowerment to create the lives they really want. My coaching has a theme of pleasure: when you reconnect with joy, you connect with confidence and accelerate personal growth. I also help women move beyond people-pleasing tendencies to learn how to put themselves first.

My first book Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics (HarperCollins) was ripped from my heart, and turned into an organic underground sensation that built a cult following among single people who don’t want to settle for less than what they really want in a relationship. The quirkyalone message is “I’d rather be alone than in poor company.”

Quirkyalone put me on the map as a feminist thought leader on the topics of modern love and women’s empowerment. Years after publication there is so much awareness of “quirkyalone” that the word I coined got its own page in dictionary.com. 

My second book To-Do List: From Buying Milk to Finding a Soulmate, What Our Lists Reveal About Us  (Simon & Schuster) celebrates the humble to-do list, exploring the ways our scribbles reflect our secret desires. I published this book based on 5,000 real, handwritten to-do lists people had sent me to be included in my nationally award-winning print magazine To-Do List.

My essays have appeared in Wired, Vice, San Francisco Chronicle, Utne Reader, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, and many other publications. I’ve taught writing at the San Francisco Writers Grotto and MediaBistro.

A Rhode Island native and graduate of Barnard College, I moved to San Francisco after college. I lived in the Bay Area for nearly two decades until I got sucked into the world of Silicon Valley. When I ran away to South America to reconnect with my body I discovered a radically different new path for my life—told in my forthcoming memoir Wet.

As of March 2020, I returned to my native Rhode Island (little Rhody!), where I am exploring Providence’s creative scene and taking cold plunges in the ocean. 

Other facts:

  • I have been coaching for almost ten years. I did my coach training at CTI, the largest Coach Training organization in the world, and have  helped hundreds of women and self-aware men. I am honored by the trust that people place in me.

  • I’m passionate about tango and body-mind connection. I spent five years living in Buenos Aires studying tango and PsicoTango. This period of my life came after a big walkabout in South America in Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina.

  • Pussywalking is a simple mindfulness practice I invented that any woman can easily practice to transform her posture and increase confidence. Women are told to be ashamed of their bodies. With the revolutionary power of pussywalking, I teach women to be proud of their anatomy. I teach pussywalking online and in-person. Watch the intro to pussywalking video here.

  • Female sexuality expert. Many therapists and coaches are not prepared or comfortable with talking about sex and pleasure. I love helping clients with these topics.

  • Sexual abuse survivor who has done the work for my own healing. I am writing about that healing journey in Wet. This allows me to talk to clients about healing past trauma.

  • Chronic fatigue, celiac disease, and long-time insomnia sufferer. I have done my own body-mind work to work with difficult conditions and thrive. I bring this perspective to my work with clients as well. 

  • Travel lover who loves biting into mangoes and getting messy with life. If you become a coaching client I will help you shamelessly take a bite out of life too.


My books + coaching have been featured worldwide.


My work has been featured in more than 100+ media outlets around the world. From The New York Times to The Wall Street Journal, Vogue to Cosmopolitan, USA Today to NPR, CNN to MSNBC, and hundreds of other media worldwide. 



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 Can I help you?

Getting support can be a big step – it means you are taking a step to invest in yourself and your life. Everyone needs support. When you find the right person to help you pursue your goals that relationship of support can make all the difference. It takes you out of the echo chamber of your own mind and helps you get moving toward what you really want in life.

If you are curious about coaching, click below to tell me about you. Through open and honest conversation in a free initial consult, we will talk about where you are now and what you want and determine whether we are a good fit.

Don’t worry—if you don’t have all the answers or just feel so stuck that you don’t know what you want, that’s what coaching is all about: getting unstuck and moving toward the future you want to create. You’ve come to the right place.

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