I’m Sasha Cagen, an executive and life coach with a focus on helping women 40+. I’m also the author of the cult hit book Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics (Harper SanFrancisco) and To-Do List: From Buying Milk to Finding a Soul Mate, What Our Lists Reveal About Us (Simon & Schuster), and a tango-obsessed world traveler.

I’m at work on a memoir called Wet, a story of healing through sensuality. I can’t wait to invite you to dive in with me when this book comes out. I was once a Silicon Valley startup founder, but I ran away to South America to “listen to my body.” That story will be told in this book too.

My career has been a series of creative projects, from books to companies. My unique empowerment methodologies have been featured in 100+ media outlets worldwide, from NPR and the New York Times to the Guardian and CNN.

My current passion is helping women reconnect with their worth and power by reconnecting with their bodies from the inside out. I help you make decisions by consulting your pussy 😉 Yes I did just write that sentence in my bio!

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Talks, podcasts + videos

Christopher and Heather of Virgin.Beauty.Bitch are all about unpacking female stereotypes and creating a space where women are not afraid to be defiantly different. In other words, the hosts of this podcast are right on. This October 2022 podcast might be the most fun interview I have recorded, ever.

Listen to “VBB 215 Sasha Cagen on her Memoir titled Wet — a Story of Healing through Sensuality!” on Spreaker.

And here are some other talks that will help you get to know my perspective and work…

Authors@Google talk on the Secret Lives of Listmakers

Sasha talking with Anderson Cooper on CNN re: Quirkyalone

Quirkyalone? on the Solo Podcast with behavioral economist Dr. Peter McGraw

Pussywalking on Reimagining Spinsterhood

The Question of Motherhood (and Living Differently) on Maybe Someday

Healing through Tango on Joe’s Tango Podcast



An intro to me + my work

In these videos, you can see me interact with Anderson Cooper on CNN–and my fabulous coaching clients. From Quirkyalone to Pussywalking…it’s all here.

Some things I love

To invent new words… I have coined new words with “quirkyalone” and “pussywalking.” Quirkyalone has even made it into dictionary.com! I also have popularized the tangasm, self-marriage, and am in the process of creating a new meaning around the word “wet” in my memoir. Creative wordplay is kinda my bag.

To-do lists…so much that I published a print magazine called To-Do List for three years (“a magazine of meaningful minutiae”), wrote a book called To-Do List, and at one point, had 5,000 handwritten to-do lists written from people around the world sitting in my apartment and garage. I love the intimacy of handwritten lists. Each one is a soul in to each person’s world and desires.

Travel…. solo and together. I spent a year traveling alone throughout South America (Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina) after burning out working in Silicon Valley. That year of travel changed me and made me much more comfortable with uncertainty and risk-taking, and ultimately turned me into a life and executive coach doing the work that I do today.

Buenos Aires…I wound up spending five years living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I ran a coaching business using tango as a metaphor for relationship and connection. I love Buenos Aires as not only the world capital of tango but also the most creative city that I know of, with an abundance of culture and art and the most bookstores per capita of any city in the world. Over my six years of living in Argentina I came to know and love the Porteño soul and people.

Tango… I have danced tango now for twelve years and show no signs of stopping. Not only did I uproot my life to immerse myself in tango culture in Buenos Aires for years, I have traveled the world for tango – the most exotic place so far was Kilasin, a mountain town in Montenegro, where a socialist tango school teaches a three-week tango camp. Dance turns out to be a great way to travel and meet new people around the world. Tango turns out to be a path of bliss.

Cold-water plunging… Pursuing the Wim Hof Method with a group of strangers who became friends during the pandemic made me stronger, and gave me a new route to physical bliss during the pandemic, something that I apparently value very much.

Intimacy and connection…I am a nerd about personal development and relationships, even though I am most well-known for writing about being single in my book Quirkyalone. I am a fan of the Hendricks approach in Conscious Loving.

Rhode Island… I live back in the place where I grew up, Rhode Island, after spending nearly 20 years in the Bay Area, California, and six years in Argentina. My intention is to make Rhode Island my home base while getting the hell out of dodge during the winter, and traveling once or twice elsewhere in the year.


sasha AT sashacagen dot com

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