What’s your quirkywiggle?

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quirkywiggling in brazil

quirkywiggling in brazil

When I get weighed down by life, and I feel more serious than I really want to be, I remember my quirkywiggle. And I wiggle (dance). Sometimes that really works to jolt me out of it.

The photo above is a very obvious quirkywiggle. Sometimes they can be quite subtle.

A quirkywiggle is my personal dance that that puts me back in touch with the quirky spirit (that is, light, free, accepting of myself and the moment, and joyful). Your quirkywiggle is unique to you. It can be small or large. It can be a shake of the shoulders. A flick of the head. A bounce up and down. It could even be as small as scrunching up your nose.

I asked a friend over Skype chat, What’s yours? He says his looks like “dancing with movements on one leg at a time (giggle). I just lift only one leg and make movements on that leg and my arms.”

What is your quirkywiggle?

The more free we become in our bodies, the more free we become in our minds.

Ellen de Generes is one of my quirkywiggle inspirations. I posted this Ellen dance party video on my Facebook page to talk about the quirkywiggle.

A reader Ian wrote this in response. My theory has always been that dancing (or wiggling) liberates us to be more free. Ian’s story is the reverse. He became more free, and then he suddenly found a desire to dance.

“It’s quite interesting that for me there’s a direct connection between dancing and my ‘discovery’ of quirkyaloneness.

I never used to party, and when dragged out, I was very much a wallflower and refused point-blank to do anything involving dancing. However, after reading the Quirkyalone book and becoming much more comfortable with the idea of who and what I was, my self-confidence rose and the very next social thing I went to, a wedding in fact, I think I was dancing barefoot on the dancefloor most of the evening.

Weird what a bit of self-confidence does!”

Either way, the more comfortable we get with our quirkyness, the more willing we are to dance. Literally. And with life

Quirkywiggles in Everyday Life
You can do the quirkywiggle on the dance floor. But really I’m talking about doing a quirkywiggle in everyday life, whenever you need a little spark, or an interruption of the serious.

I actually have many quirkywiggles. This is a medium-sized, sitting-at-a-cafe one.

A quirkywiggle could be just wagging your finger in the air (something you could do on the sly during a meeting).

I’d love to hear about your quirkywiggle!

P.S. My class GetQuirky starts Monday April 22! I created this class, a 30-day safari of quirky through your own life, because I believe in the power of quirky as a joyful way to increase our self-acceptance. This class will be deep and fun: a playful journey of self-discovery and connecting with open-minded kindred spirits. You will get back in touch with you. You’ll write, reflect, take photos, jump in puddles, and WIGGLE. You’ll get tools and insights to stand with courage in your quirkyness and your unique path through life. Click HERE to find out more.

Registration closes Friday April 19. I hope you will join us in getting quirky!


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