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Jen Louden, teacher of teachers

Jen Louden, teacher of teachers

Today. . . a confession:

Two years ago when I started thinking about teaching online classes about my quirky approach to life and relationships I was terrified. Seriously. I was waking up in the middle of the night.

I was much more wigged-out by teaching than of writing books because I thought taking on the role of teacher meant that I was taking on a false authority of “knowing it all,” and that made me uncomfortable.

I needed to learn my own style of teaching. And to build my confidence to take a leap toward a new role–teacher.

While I was contemplating whether I really wanted to teach online, I stumbled on an online class with a name that seemed to be exactly what I needed. It was called TeachNow. TeachNow is taught by Jen Louden, a coach who also writes about comfort and creativity.

TeachNow changed my life because it gave me the confidence to step into my own human, imperfect, quirky authority . . . and know that is more than enough.

That’s where all the learning begins–once you take the leap.

I’m betting that some of you too have gifts and lessons and wisdom to share with the world. But maybe you too are nervous and need some help with building your confidence just as I did.

Jen is gearing up to offer TeachNow again and I want to share this class with you. My philosophy on being quirky is that each and everyone of us has something to teach . . .and the more of us who are empowered to step forward and share what is true for us, the better.

TeachNow demystifies the idea of the all-knowing teacher. Jen is all about helping you to help you step into sharing your knowledge–without pretending you know everything. The best teachers are humble and know that we are all in this human adventure together.

Here are some big takeaways I got from TeachNow:

–We are all teachers. What makes a great teacher is this: “The willingness to say, ‘I know this to be true. Please try it out for yourself and report back.’ To stand in the brilliance of what you know without thinking that means you are the be-all and end-all or THE expert.”

–Teaching requires self-care. In Jen’s class I learned I need to take care of myself to put energy out in the world to teach, and that being so tired after teaching a weekend class is utterly normal! Nothing like some good old-fashioned validation. 🙂

–What blocks many of us is thinking we don’t know enough. “You are never ready. Ready comes from teaching, from being in the transformational conversation itself, from being a humble teacher/student—so skip asking if you are ready to teach. It’s not a useful question.”

If you want to share your knowledge to help others but you’re nervous. . If you are asking yourself, am I ready to teach dance, communication styles, programming, writing, or needlepoint, or whatever lights you up to share . . . I highly recommend that you check out Jen’s class.

Jen is teaching a FREE preview class: “Dissolving Obstacles to Teaching Joyfully & Effectively (followed by a live Q&A) April 3rd at 4:00pm PT. That’s a great way to get to know her first.

Sign up HERE for her free sampler class.

And let me know how you like it!


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