camping trip for christmas anyone?

camping trip for christmas anyone?

This year, more than ever, I’m thinking about how to take back the holidays/ze and make sure they are pleasurable.

For many of us, whether we are single or coupled, the holidays can be an emotional trigger. The holidays have such high, idealized expectations of family or soulmate togetherness surrounding them that we can feel lonely and alone if we don’t have just the “right” way to celebrate. Then there is the “stress”: parties to attend, stuff to buy and cook.

Tradition can be wonderful, but I am also a big fan of throwing tradition out the window to create new traditions that feel alive and meaningful.

So my question for you, and I would love for you is, How will you make the holidaze your own this year? What will you do or create to make them quirkily yours–alone, with friends, or with famliy?

Let’s see what kind of conversation we can get going to inspire all of us. Let’s make this holiday season meaningful and not just a series of hoops to jump through by the time January 1 rolls around!

Don’t hit reply this time, share your answer as a comment on this post.

P.S. Don’t forget Tuesday is a holiday too because I’ll be doing the Girl Talk Chat on sex and quirkysensuality with Michele at 6 pm PT. This is a woman-only call and it’s going to be fun! To get the call in info be sure you are on my mailing list and you’ll get a reminder with the info Tuesday afternoon.