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Question for you: How often do you feel like you get to be all of who you are? To be uninhibited and free and express yourself and let loose? What kinds of situations and around what kind of people do you feel really free? Or does that only happen when you are alone? It’s one thing to be quirky on your own, but it’s a whole other level of skill and courage to share your quirks with others.

I interviewed four people who have gone through my GetQuirky class and put together these case studies of what changed in their lives when they embraced their quirkyness.

Jenn Lee, in Hawaii, told me: “Although I’d express parts of my quirkiness with different groups of friends, I never felt truly ‘me’ with anyone. I felt like disparate pieces.” The class helped her to find the courage to “express my quirkyself in increments.” She attributes “two new, almost instantaneous friendships this year to the fact that being your true self attracts genuine connections.”

It can be quite painful to feel like you are always “pieces of you.” To hold yourself back.

What stops us is fear. Fear of judgment. Fear of not fitting in. We need to develop our courage to have that conversation with ourselves when we are scared to share, and then just go ahead and share anyway. To just say it.

The good news is that we can learn how to be more free and share who we are. Once we develop these skills to share who we really are and to express ourselves creatively, we become less self-conscious and inhibited. Magical things happen in our lives: new relationships, collaborations, more fun, self-expression, and creativity.

That’s certainly been the case for me. The more I just say it (those things I am scared to say) the more magic comes into my life.

This is the kind of space I create in my classes, where you get to play and express all of who you are in a safe zone. We learn and practice skills to be our fully vibrant selves, so that we can continue practicing these skills in all areas of our lives. Dating. Work. Creativity. Friendships. Even sex! We attract people whom we are meant to meet, we create, and we feel more fully alive.

The GetQuirky class starts Monday, September 23, and the registration deadline is Thursday, at midnight PT.

Click here to join us! 😉

I may not teach this class again for a while as I will be getting immersed in writing my next book (yay!!!), so if are on this fence and want to take this journey with me, jump on board this time! I look forward to getting quirky with you!

And if you have any questions, let me know.

With love and gratitude,
Sasha Cagen

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  1. barbara

    I totally agree! Before taking my Quirkytogether 101 class, I would be pieces of me with different groups of people. These days I am GLORIOUSLY ALL of me all day every day. So liberating!


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