A new adventure starts Wednesday, and you’re invited (click to RSVP)

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Dearest quirky ones. . .

Starting this week . . . a new adventure, and you are invited to join.

Starting this week, I am going to host free monthly calls for the quirkyalone/quirkytogether/quirkyeverything community.

This will be freewheeling, spontaneous quirky community!

The first monthly quirky chat will be this Wednesday, at 5 pm PT. Join us to connect with me and other quirky people and get a hit of inspiration for the month. Every month I will share something that I am excited about, a question that I am pondering, or a question that I have received from a reader. Sometimes I will invite on a fellow writer or coach whom I think you will love.

After the intro talk, we will do Q & A. We’re starting out on a platform called Spreecast, and you’ll be able to see me live on video and ask questions.

This month’s topic will be what’s special about dancing tango in Buenos Aires and how tango is a metaphor for being quirkyalone (connected to ourselves) and quirkytogether (connected to both ourselves and another). I’ll tell you about how tango can help us discover ourselves as men and women. Of course we cannot neglect the TANGASM. I’ll tell you about what the tangasm is and why you would want to have one!

I will tell you about the tango trip I am leading in Buenos Aires in late May. There are just three more spaces for quirky men and women!

To join us Wednesday for this inaugural quirky chat, click HERE:

By clicking on this link you will RSVP and you’ll get a reminder from me.

But also be sure to mark it on your calendar too: Wednesday at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET.

Be there or be square! Better yet, be quirky! Together!


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