Did you ever wonder why hedonism is a bad word? Why on earth would it be a bad thing to pursue pleasure?

That’s one of the things that my dear friend and fellow coach Michele Lisenbury Christen and I chat about in this inaugural podcast. Michele is the creator of ooo camp, an orgasmic training ground for women, and she rocks! We’re going to do a monthly podcast starting in December, and I’m so excited to share this first beta podcast with you! The topics–sensuality, sex, power, and enjoying life–are the ones that I am focused on in my new book, and you’ll be hearing more and more about those topics from me in 2014.

Click here to listen to our beta podcast: Why is hedonism a bad word?

You will hear our frank girl chat about sex and sensuality. We are doing this to empower all humans, men too!–to tap into the power of pleasure that we have in our bodies to feel good and enjoy life.

In our free-ranging conversation, we talked about sexuality within the context of being singled and married, the power of pleasure to turn on your whole life, and why we resist pleasure.

We also talked about how one woman can draw energy and power from another woman’s turn-on. In fact, so often what happens is the opposite–when women are threatened by other women’s sexuality, they may be stuck in a competitive mindset and shut it down with “slut-shaming.” Check out this New York Times article “A Cold War Fought by Women.”

“Stigmatizing female promiscuity — a.k.a. slut-shaming — has often been blamed on men, who have a Darwinian incentive to discourage their spouses from straying. But they also have a Darwinian incentive to encourage other women to be promiscuous. Dr. Vaillancourt said the experiment and other research suggest the stigma is enforced mainly by women.”

Michele and I are advocating the opposite possibility, that we can turn each other on by feeling pleasure and enjoying life. Not by trying to get a man’s attention, necessarily, but simply by enjoying our bodies–when I see Michele enjoying herself that ignites a feeling of turn-on in me. And vice versa.

I’m so excited to share this first podcast with you as it’s the first moment of sharing with any depth the ideas I am working on in this new book–and it’s edgy. And exciting. Scary. And great.

Let me know what you think . . .

xx With quirky gratitude and love xx