Quirkyalone Day is February 14! IQD is not anti-Valentine’s Day, it just happens to fall on the same day. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. Here are three ways to celebrate:

1. Join us for the Ringo Starr-inspired Global International Quirkyalone Day Party on February 14!

2. Listen online to Rubberband Girl’s Annual Quirkyalone Special on KALX Friday, February 14 9 am PT. She always plays the best music to celebrate solitude and she’s so smart on quirkyalone and quirkytogether stuff she’s basically the second-in-command of the quirkyalone movement. 🙂

3. Spread the love by sharing these Quirkyalone Day cards with your friends. (Download and put on your favorite social network and/or attach to an email).

P.S. You can find ten more ways to celebrate here too. You can celebrate any way you want, including: curling up in bed with a book, buying yourself new underwear, throw a quirkyalone dinner party with single and coupled friends.