What’s it like to come on one of Sasha’s adventures?

Here are some perspectives from women who have joined us for group and custom adventures in Buenos Aires and Florianopolis, Brazil. Watch our videos where you can see some of these women dance and talk about their experience, then read their thoughts!

My body felt totally alive.

Being in a different place really has a huge power with Sasha’s guidance. After the piscotango workshop my body felt totally alive. Discovering tango has given me a new outlet that supports my need for touch – whether in a relationship or not. I’m much stronger in my values–I ask for what I want and I don’t settle anymore. Tango has given me so many things things in Life–and I have Sasha to thank! That sense of myself, my power, my sensuality, and a greater feeling of owning my space in this big old World.”

Carissa Giblin, Tampa, Florida

2014 Tango Adventure participant

One of the best investments I made in years.

“Tango is indeed changing my life, expanding me, as the more I dance after the trip the more I’m recovering my social confidence and contentment in general. I also love that tango will give me a path to travel and meet people, especially when I transition into retirement 2-4 years from now. I’m no longer worried about where I will end up. I trust tango to lead the way. PS my tango adventure with you was one of the best investments I had made in years.”

Sabine Tuzik, Washington, DC

2017 Tango Adventure Participant

The trip had a huge impact on me.

“The trip to Buenos Aires was lovely, and in many ways, the perfect tango adventure. The itinerary created by Sasha is carefully planned, and considerate of a traveler’s need for downtime. She makes it exciting and she is there with you every step of the way.
Her assistant Colleen was a dear and a treat herself, as was the rest of the cast of characters involved. I cannot tell you how much the little things I learned during the trip have impacted my everyday life. Alejandro’s lessons had a huge impact on me and have stayed with me.”

Sonya Gueretta, San Francisco, CA

2015 Tango Adventure Participant

The trip had a huge impact on me.

“I met Sasha at a Quirkyalone meetup on February 14, 2018, in Providence. She explained about the Tango trips she had been facilitating in Buenos Aires. All the trips to date had been with women only but she expressed a desire to have a co-ed trip. Not being faint of heart, understanding and embracing the concepts of Quirkyalone and always looking to explore new adventures outside of my comfort zone, I said I would go. I had a tremendous experience. The schedule Sasha arranged had me taking private and group tango lessons, learning about and dancing at milongas and thoroughly exploring this wonderful city. My greatest tango experience was taking private lessons with Wanda Lucila Abramor. Wanda is the newest addition to Sasha’s team and I so enjoyed working with her. She also took me to dinner and to several milongas. I now have a life long friendship with Wanda. I met and interacted with many people and have formed lasting friendships. I would encourage any man or woman to have this experience. Sasha’s trips are not to be missed!”

Paul Mooney, Rumford, RI

2018 Tango Adventure Participant

Risk and growth in a larger container of safety and inspiration.

“What a beautiful, transformative experience! For me, this was an ideal introduction to tango and tango culture in Buenos Aires. I feel Sasha arranged an ideal set of experiences that allowed risk and growth in a larger container of safety and inspiration. Take this trip and rediscover pleasure, embodiment, and connection.”

Lee, Massachusetts

2016 Tango Adventure participant

I learned about femininity and masculinity and culture and ritual — very very deep and fun and powerful.

I’d been wanting to learn Argentine Tango for years, and despite living in SF with a rich tango scene, I’d never find the time. When I saw Sasha’s trip, something inside me felt called to just go for it. I learned so much more on the Tango trip than just how to dance! I learned about femininity and masculinity and culture and ritual — it really is very very deep and fun and powerful. I wish I could go back to that outdoor square in Buenos Aires and dance again! Someday I will go back.

Sarah Harrison, San Francisco, CA

2016 Tango Adventure Participant

A mind-body-soul-experience.

“I learned about relaxing, relaxing my body, relaxing my thoughts, just being able to go with the flow of what’s happening. If you want to have a full-body-mind-and-soul experience that fills your five senses and even your sixth sense because you have to sense things happening around you come on this Tango Adventure.”

Megan Cramer, New York City

2015 Tango Adventure Participant

Life-changing experiences.

“The week that Sasha organized was incredible. She brought together an exceptional group of kind, helpful and fun people to guide us through the week. Sasha’s introduction to Buenos Aires and tango, which included lessons, massage, milongas, and a (Tango Goddess) photo shoot as brought us experiences that were life changing, and set the stage for many future visits and experiences with tango and life. Tan, who did the photo shoot is an amazing professional, and like all others in the group, made the time working with him fun and memorable.”

Pamela, San Francisco, CA

2017 Tango Adventure Participant

Sasha has been very impressive on exploration of your own self and journey through tango.
“I started at zero and now I can get out there on the dance floor and people are saying it looks like tango! I’ve had an amazing time and if you are thinking about coming definitely you should. The music is so passionate, and soulful, it’s undescribable seeing the live tango bands. Sasha has been very impressive on exploration of your own self and journey, how can use the experiences here to gain insights back in the real world. It’s been very insightful. Let go, learn and take it all in.”

Denise Breheny

2015 Tango Adventure Participant

There are vital people dancing no matter their age

“I would do the Tango Adventure again in a heartbeat! It was the perfect balance between activities and time to explore alone. I enjoyed the dinners, lectures, evenings, and meeting Sasha’s friends. The true joy I saw in Buenos Aires was from people living very large lives. I appreciated the level of intimacy required from tango, the balance between owning yourself and yielding to your partner. I realized there are vital people dancing and living, no matter their age.”

Claudia Fiaschetti, San Francisco, CA

2016 Tango Adventure Participant

Discussing relationships with Sasha brought new insights

“I loved each one of the activities involved in the week: the dancing in the different milongas, the lessons with Alejandro, the tango shoe shopping. I also really loved Buenos Aires, must find a way go back. It was great to discuss relationship subjects with Sasha. While over the years I have reflected a lot about my experiences both in relationships and being single, Sasha works on those subjects as her life’s work. So discussing with her brought new insights and was very enriching.”

Linda Ehrichs, Ottawa, Canada

2014 Tango Adventure Participant

I met a lot of fantastic women.

I appreciated the sincerity and openness of our conversations. I met a lot of fantastic, beautiful, amazing women. I walked away from the entire experience feeling like a fabulous and interesting person!

Amanda Gellhouse, Portland, Oregon

2014 Tango Adventure Participant

An amazing tango teacher

“Sasha helped us to get into the Buenos Aires tango world very quickly. It was a wonderful week with lots of interesting new experiences, and with an amazing tango teacher, Alejandro!“

Steffi Meier, Hanover, Germany

2014 Tango Adventure Participant

I’m feeling more grounded and self-assured in general.
“Sasha brings a wealth of experience and a keen, sensitive eye and ear for the challenges that we face as tangueras and as women. If you could use a confidence boost (couldn’t we all?!) this is a very powerful workshop to participate in, as she teaches you to carry yourself in a way that makes you absolutely glow. During the workshop, she balances insightful, gentle, and fun Q&A with practical exercises simulating situations we encounter in milongas to make you more aware and present to any psychological issues that may be preventing you from feeling empowered and presenting your very best, freest self. I took this workshop last month and the results have been stunning: I find myself getting more and better tandas than ever before, and feeling more grounded and self-assured in general. I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough!”

Erin Mastrantonio

2017 Tango Goddess Participant

The community of women is amazing

Working with Sasha was a powerful experience! Different opportunities have arrived after the workshop (both professionally and personally) and it has been so exciting. Also – the community of women she brings together is the other half of what makes her work so amazing. If you have the opportunity to go to one of her workshops – don’t hesitate…just sign up!!

Cinthia Pacheco, Toronto, Canada and Buenos Aires

2017 Tango Goddess Participant

A better understanding of how to carry myself as a woman and greater confidence

Wow! For someone who doesn’t know the first thing about tango, the Tango Goddess Workshop was SUCH an enriching and empowering workshop. Didn’t matter one bit that I don’t dance tango. What I took away from the experience was a better understanding of how to carry myself as a woman, greater confidence, new ways to connect with my inherent femininity, and the support of a group of wonderful women. So recommended!!!

Kristin Deasy, Buenos Aires

2017 Tango Goddess Participant

Not only very fun but a truly meaningful experience to take back to real life

“I recently attended Sasha’s body-confidence retreat in Florianopolis Brazil, so this review is of that: This was a totally incredible experience and showed how talented Sasha is both in her coaching efforts and in devising valuable – and fun! – travel experiences for women. I’ve never gone on a retreat before and have never been one much for “group activities” so I was a bit worried that this had the possibility to be trite and make me feel a little cheesy or embarrassed — It was anything but.
We stayed at a beautiful tropical property overlooking a beach in Southern Brazil. Sasha and her friend Natalia planned every detail to make this a truly meaningful experience, but they also left plenty of time to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The workshops included extremely helpful writing and other active exercises and personal sharing in a safe setting created by Sasha and Natalia. Both women set examples by sharing their own personal stories and showing vulnerabilities, while also modeling a healthy sense of self-confidence. Natalia, a gifted photographer from the area and a perfect complement to Sasha, took us to incredible local spots like beaches, a waterfall and a samba club. She and Sasha artfully tied these experiences back into discussion points in the workshop as a sort of practice. The whole thing was very well-planned and thought-out so that by the end it was not only very fun but added up to a truly meaningful experience to take back to real life. I felt that I could actually detect notable changes in the women we were with after only a few days of this work.
I have not had Sasha as a coach in other work, but if this workshop is any indication, I imagine she would be a wonderful person to have for this role. I also very, very highly recommend any future retreats/workshops with Sasha!!

A.B., Los Angeles, CA

2017 Brazil Body Adventure Participant