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Hi! I’m Sasha Cagen. I’m a life coach and the author of the cult favorite Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics (Harper SanFrancisco) and To-Do List: From Buying Milk to Finding a Soul Mate, What Our Lists Reveal About Us (Simon & Schuster). Since 2000, I’ve been helping my readers challenge assumptions about how life is supposed to go–to find what’s true for you and love yourself first.  

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My work has been featured

Everywhere from the New York Times to CNN … here I am on a talk show in Argentina talking about the growing trend of self-marriage.

What People Say  

"I have worked with a number of coaches, but Sasha is at the top my list. She is intuitive, funny, and wise beyond her years."

Carrie Branovan

Wisconsin, US

"When you’re in any major life transition, Sasha can help. She has many clever, practical solutions to get you through it — most of all — she cares."

Petra Hanson 

San Francisco, CA

“Cagen has put her finger on [society’s] pulse…"

Toronto Globe and Mail  

“Cagen’s up to something that could be as important for women (and men) as The Feminine Mystique was years ago...Thank you Sasha for giving up this proud and thoughtful declaration of independence!"

Barbara Ehrenreich (author of Nickled and Dimed and many other important books) 

Alexandria, Virginia

"The personal journey of coaching with Sasha has been amazing. I can’t thank you enough for expanding my understanding of sex, sexuality, sensuality and feeling turned on as we have worked to overcome my vaginismus."


Ottawa, Ontario

“Sasha, You’ve been on my mind so much in the last two weeks. On February 4th, I got married. To the man I met right at the end of our Quirkytogether course."

Barbara Berry  


"I’d done therapy in the past, but working with Sasha felt more actionable and relatable. Now, I’m actually dating, which is completely new for me."

Lauren Pollini  

San Francisco, CA

“Reading your books, visiting your website and taking your classes have been the pitstops of my journey back to my truly me.”

Andreas Mueller 


"You talk the truth. You don't write about bullshit stuff. You are true to your feelings and what you think, and that gives you an authenticity. You're real. That's what makes me want to read your newsletter.".

Natalia Brasil

Florianopolis, Brazil

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How I help


Books Torn from the Heart

Essays, art and memoir, on the way  


Evidence-Based Life Coaching

I help you get back to you


Online classes 

From becoming more assertive to reconnecting with your sensuality 

My Books

To get to know me and my perspective, read my books Quirkyalone (HarperSF) and To-Do List (Simon & Schuster). Wet, my memoir, is on the way. Some people call my books life-changing. Could they change yours?

Sasha’s Blog

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