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What’s New

Come away to Buenos Aires on a Solo Chica Tango Adventure! Solo Chica is designed to make it easy for you to travel as a woman alone. Easy, safe, authentic, fulfilling, transformative, and contained within community. The Solo Chica team is waiting for you in Buenos Aires!

Pair Solo Chica with the Pussywalking and Tango Goddess Workshops I’ll be teaching at the Tango in Paradise Weekend just minutes outside of Buenos Aires October 18-20 and November 15-17.

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Solo Chica Travel Adventures

Solo Chica™ was created to empower women to land in a new place knowing no one and quickly dive in for their own transformative travel experiences. Wanna go on an adventure?

Life + Business Coaching with Sasha

Whether you are at a career crossroads or you want clarity on a relationship, you can find support in my distinctive style of coaching. I offer Business + Life Coaching as a creative sounding board for established business owners. I’ll always have my eye on what’s fun and growthful for you, your life journey and your business.

My Books

Quirkyalone, To-Do List and Wet (a memoir on the way).

To get to know me and my perspective, read my cult book Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics + To-Do List: From Buying Milk to Finding a Soul Mate, What Our Lists Reveal About Us .

You can also sign up to be a beta reader of my memoir-in-progress, working title: Wet.

What we do

We help women (and a few men!) who are saying no longer to confining social conditioning and yes to themselves. Sign up for the newsletter to stay in touch.

Where in the world is Sasha

Rhode Island, East Coast of the USA (until mid-August return to Buenos Aires)


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