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Since 2012, I’ve been helping women leaders 40+ get clear about what they want–and confident to go after it.

Are you a go-getter ready for have some excellent support in your corner? 

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Let’s get you clear… and confident 

I’m an Ivy-League-educated Leadership and Life Coach with a focus on helping women 40+, a tango dancer and a spiritually-seeking world traveler.

Since 2012, I’ve been helping my clients, generally accomplished women, who want excellent support in their corner.  

Whether we are looking at your career, business, love life, or your relationship with yourself, together, we will create a safe container in which you can take measurable actions and baby steps that add up to big changes over time. I share with you a variety of cognitive and emotional tools, including how to access your body’s wisdom and sexuality as a source of strength and expression, empowering you to embrace your sensuality and harness it as a force in your life. One thing I love to do is help you become powerful by becoming more connected to the wisdom of your body.

My coaching and books Quirkyalone (HarperCollins) and To-Do List (Simon & Schuster) have been featured on NPR, in the UK Guardian, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, and many more. I also co-founded and sold a startup in Silicon Valley and traveled for more than a year alone in South America. I represent the path of writing your own rules for a fulfilling life.

Want some help writing your next chapter? Don’t hesitate to reach out. Tell me about you and we’ll see if we have a fit.

What my clients say

Working with Sasha as a coach has been really important and transformative for me, and I have worked with other coaches before.

Something about Sasha’s style and experience as a tango dancer, as someone who wants women to be empowered, happy and comfortable with who they are is really unique and important.

I would encourage anyone who is thinking about working with Sasha to give it a try, you will learn all kinds of things about yourself that will change your world.”

–Kelly Macias, Director of Talent and Culture, Ensemble Capital Management, Los Angeles, CA (the beautiful photo comes from Kelly’s Tango Goddess Photo Shoot in Buenos Aires)

What my clients say

“Sasha Cagen is an extraordinary life coach who embodies passion, authenticity, and a zest for life. Her coaching style in sessions creates a space where deep connections and transformative conversations can unfold. She has a remarkable ability to help people overcome their fears to live their lives with zeal and seize every moment.”

-Jade Strattner Nguyen, Managing Director of Yale’s Program on Stakeholder Innovation & Management